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Friday Pizza Day at the Grind! Pre-order and pick-up only!

We are using an online booking system for pizza orders - It gets a little complex, but we feel it’s the safest way for everyone to book, pay for and receive their pizzas! You can access Picktime on your computer, phone or tablet.

We are booking pizzas in 5-minute slots. You will need to book a five-minute slot FOR EACH PIZZA you order (i.e. book one for 1:00pm, the next for 1:05, and the next for 1:10 if you're ordering three pizzas). Put pizza modifications in the Booking Notes at the bottom of your order (ie, no anchovies).

Once a slot is taken, no one else can book a pizza at that time. The booking for the Friday, March 27th pizza day will close at 9pm on Wednesday, March 25rd, so John can make the right amount of doughs. We will email you an invoice from Square asap, which you pay online to avoid any contact with cards or money. In order for the pizza booking to be finalized, please pay your invoice right away when you receive it.

Come to the front door of the Grind on Friday to pick up the pizza 15 minutes after your last order time (for example, if you have three pizzas booked for 1:00, 1:05 and 1:10, pick up your pizza at 1:25.) If there are others waiting, please keep two metres apart for everyone's safety.

We're out of gluten free doughs for Friday, but should have more for next week.

Friday’s pizzas are Margherita, Portobello Mushroom, and Pepperoni. If you’ve never had a Grind pizza, they are thin-crust Neapolitan style pizzas, with high-quality ingredients. John’s been perfecting his dough for several years.

Booking slots are filling up fast!

If you'd like to also order coffee beans (we can grind to your specs) please email John at 

We are not open in Rossland otherwise. Only for pizza pickup on these specific days. Stay safe! 

Thank you for your support!!! Stay well! We miss you all!



Still a few slots available for Friday! Booking closes tonight at 9pm.

All slots are full now! We'll be doing pizza again on Tuesday and Friday next week. Watch Bhubble, Facebook or Instagram for details! Thanks everyone!