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Teen Cooking Challenge with Celebrity Chef Judge Panel

Want to win $100 worth of prizes in a fun cooking challenge?

Get fired up for the Rossland YAN's teen cooking challenge happening Mar 25- April 8.
Teens are invited to prepare a meal for their families with their own creative flair, take photos, and send the photos in to be judged by a celebrity chef panel, including head chef Marc Andre from the Velvet.

1. Recipe can be entirely invented, or based on something found in a recipe book or online (must have your own creative spin!)
2. Name your meal (the more creative the better!)
3. Take photos of your recipe and meal. Send them in via insta, email or facebook before midnight on April 8. Max 5 photos.
4. Enjoy the meal with your fam. 
5. Write a blurb about your process (around 5 sentences) to send in with your photos. For example, you could say why you chose to create this meal, any challenges you encountered along the way, or something funny that happened in the process.
6. Submissions will be judged on Presentation, Technique, Difficulty, Choice of Ingredients (Nutrition), and Creativity.

Winner will be chosen by April 10th and will receive a $50 gift certificate for the Shovel and a $50 gift certificate for Gold Rush Bookstore.



AWESOME!! thank you for helping us keeping them busy.

No prob! :) Stay tuned for Flash Friday InstaBingo Challenge- will be posted on instagram, facebook, and bhubble at 3 pm every Friday. 

get cookin! one week left 


last chance to submit entries!