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Nurse ISO place to stay while working!

Hello my lovely community!

I'm a nurse working at KBRH and am looking to move out of my house to protect my partner during this pandemic.  We only have 1 bathroom and I can't safetly isolate myself from him once I start working with COVID-19 patients.

I'm trying to stay at home until we start getting COVID-19 patients, so I'm looking to set up an arrangement for when that time comes. 

The place must be completely separate (to protect landlords and families), preferably not an apartment, separate laundry, and have somewhere where I can store my bike if possible. Also looking for an affordable place as we still have a mortgage and other bills to cover. 

If there's anyone with empty airbnb's or rentals that are willing to help me out, please call or text 250-802-1529 :) 

And thanks everyone for staying home and self-isolating during this time as it will truly help out our local hospital and other health care services!! 


Texted you and happy to chat about your plans.  Tim