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Registration for Grades 8 - 12 is NOW OPEN at Seven Summits Centre for Learning!

BE MORE LIKE SAMARA! She used the flexibility inherent in our approach to learning to get ahead in her academic studies so that she could graduate from high school early.

"The wonderful teachers and staff will help you with anything. They want to see you succeed and they will do everything it takes to make sure that happens," says Samara who attends UBC.

In these uncertain times, we can provide a future-proof, high school education which exceeds expectations. We can effortlessly switch from blended, face-to-face classroom learning to 100% online as conditions might dictate and our cohort is small.


We are experts in delivering an exceptional high school education and facilitating rigorous academic Navigate NIDES courses in pioneering virtual classrooms with fantastic teacher support.

Use this time wisely and get ahead in your academic studies or just progress at your own pace! You can find out more or register your interest by contacting Joyce by e-mailing:

Town: Trail, BC
We're all imagining what a post pandemic high school education might look like. This is an interesting article (link below), albeit American, which considers mixing virtual schooling with a part-time return to the classroom.
Seven Summits Centre for Learning is already an expert in delivering the blended learning model to its students in grades 8 - 12 and has small classes too. So, for our learning community in Trail and Rossland it's a great start for whatever our future holds!

Listen to our operations manager Ann Quarterman explain to 99.3 The GOAT (link below) how local high school students can create their 'new normal' with an expert in blended Learning! Please share the news that registrations for grades 8 - 12 are now open with families who might be interested! Places are limited to allow for super small class sizes and courses are designed to effortlessly flip from classroom to 100% online in the home! (Audio is under 2 mins long)