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Next selection of reversible, washable masks available. 
Today. Wednesday May 6th. 
1506 LeRoi Ave. Entrance on Monita. 
Table is inside the boot room, nice and dry on this rainy day! Door is open. 
All masks by donation. 

Available till 8pm  





Hi Cath, Thanks so much for helping protect our community! 

Do you have a suggested donation that will cover your costs as well as something to cover your time for making these masks?

Elaine Klemmensen

Hello Elaine! 
Donations have been from free to 20 a mask. With the average being $5 each. It's been a pleasure making them!

Phase 2 will be opening soon so businesses like physiotherapy will be open. If you would like to protect your clients and have masks available to those who don't arrive with them please feel free to contact me and I can do some bulk orders for you. 
Thank you to everyone who came by today!!

Hi, are you still doing this? 

Sure am. So many masks! Please contact me. My number is above :)

Are these available today? I'd like to come by? Thank you

I am sold out today but please check back on Saturday and I will have the table set up for you!! Thanks again Rossland!

Hi there, what time are you selling masks today?

Masks available today until dark. 1506 LeRoi Ave. Door on monita on the one way street. 

thank you

 Took two for $20. The parents love them! Thanks!

There are 8 left for today. Thanks again you wonderful Rossland folk! Leaving the door open till just before dark  


Any plans to offer masks another day this week?

Thanks for doing this Cath, I've had many clients in the Barbershop last week using your masks.


Thanks! I've got a big order that I'm working on for the next few days. If you'd like a small amount feel free to send me a text and I'll set them aside for you.  Also if you are opening your business soon and would like a stock of masks please let me know asap. or 250231199six 

Thanks everyone!!