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Premium Bulk Soil + Organic Fertilizers + Chicken Manure and more... at Happy Hills Farm in Rossland!

We have had a very busy Fall and haven't had a chance to open up our soil sales yet, but we will be opening up sales for the rest of October on the days our Farm Store is open (See below). 
The way it will work for Fall pickup is a little different than the way we have done it in the past, and will help us manage Covid requirements a little better::
* We don't have a loader. We have always loaded soil sales by hand. This Fall folks will be required to bring their own shovels and 68L totes and self-load. 
* Soil is heavy in these totes, so bring an extra set of hands to help you load.
* One yard = eleven 68L totes, full
* Two yards typically fits into the back of a pickup truck
* Visit the Farm Store first to pay for your soil, then move to the soil pile to load up.
* If anyone is ahead of you loading soil you will have to wait until they are finished to maintain physical distancing.
* We will be unable to assist in loading, self-serve sales only.
Soil is $12 per tote // $120 per yard // $110 per yard for 2+ yards.
Farm Store Hours - - - Store will be Closing Saturday October 31st:
Thursdays and Fridays  2:00 - 6:00 pm
Saturdays and Sundays  10:00 - 4:00 pm

This product is a premium soil product by Black Diamond. It is composted peat moss + plant matter, and is a pure rich humous best mixed with existing soil or other components. 

We also have Organic Frankia Fertilizers Chicken Manure - by the 25lb bag (one bag goes far!)

If you have any questions please email us:

Thank you again for all of your support and we look forward to seeing you soon and helping you continue to build good soil health in your gardens.

~ The Happy Hills Crew


Get your garden growing!

Get your garden growing!

What types of herb starts do you have left?

We'll have basil, different mints, savouries, sage, lavender and a bit of rosemary.

They're not quite ready yet, but they're coming!

Hi! Will you sell the herbs next saturday the 16?


Soil available through Fall!

Available through Fall.

Sent you an email for some soil 

Soil sales open self-serve for the rest of October!

Premium soil available for pickup this weekend!

Do you have any straw bales or know where I can get one?