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One Tree Adventures Summer Camp Series for ages 5-8

Completely outdoor programs with a focus on exploration, curiousity, movement, nature connection and fun! Enhanced protocols to exceed the provincial guidelines and health recommendations with regards to COVID-19.

July 20-24: Nature Ninjas

Ages 5-8
Learn the ways of a nature ninja - adventure, mindfulness, balance, and excitement! Join us for our most popular summer camp! We will build top secret ninja forts, practice peaceful warrior moves, and unravel the mysteries of nature!

Aug 4-7: Magical Forest Creatures
Ages 5-8
An enchanted forest full of magical creature and adventure!
Build fairy homes, listen for gnomes in the forest, look for long-lost messages, and build secret hideouts. An exciting camp full of wonder and adventure!

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Limited space!


limited spots remaining! sign up today to secure your spot :) 

still a few spots left in both camps- any questions? call 250-231-17thirteen

Nature Ninjas- mon, tues, fri (still availabilities)

Magical Creatures- spaces available all week