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Looking for a Thug to rock my world!!!

I'm just a dude putting himself out there. As the title states, I'm looking for a Thug to rock my world (and finish framing my basement). I feel like we really had something special going on and then you went on a rafting trip with a bunch of other dudes. You came back a changed man. You're not the same Thug I fell in love with (because you framed my stud walls in exchange for virtually nothing). When you said you were only helping because you were bored that hurt me and it cut deep into my soul. But I hope we can put the past behind us and move forward. I'm lost without you (especially when it comes to framing those bulkheads). I forgive you for the hurtful things you said and for going on that rafting trip with all those dudes (excluding the boilermaker). You complete me (and hopefully you'll complete my basement reno). I miss you and there's still 5 True Ales at my house that miss you too.



I saw The Thug at Splooge's house last night. At first it was awkward and I wasn't sure how to act around him. We traded pleasantries and quick glances into each other's eyes throughout the evening. Evnetually the talk turned real. I had previously told The Thug that I would purchase him a lazer and the last time we spoke about it, I was under the impression that he would do some research before deciding on which one his heart desires. He then left for that canoe awful canoe trip with all those dudes and we hadn't spoken about it since he retuned. He was under the impression that I was trying get out of purchasing him a lazer, but that isn't the case at all. As everyone on Bhubble knows, I'm a man of my word and always repay my deabts. I still owe Tommy 5 bags of concrete which I haven't forgotten about. But I digress, we eventually talked through things and I'm happy to say that I think we've come to an understanding. It was just another classic case of miscommunication in our relationship. That's never really been our strong suit. I then mixed him one of his favourite cocktails and he seemed to be quite pleased with it. I do pride myself on my cocktails and like to think of myself as somewhat of an amateur mixologist. In any case, I left the balls in Thug's court. I just hope he realizes that it would be a real tragedy to walk away from all that we built together. There will always be a basement in my home that loves you very much. 

P.S. I also forgive you for the splooge stain you left on my favourite hoodie. The home remedy I found on the internet to remove it worked like a charm.

Well, you know, the problem here was water leakage. If you just buy a 50-cent washer....

I wish it were that simple my friend. I don't think a 50 cent washer can solve the cracks in the foundation of our relationship.