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Outdoor recreation retailer MEC sold to U.S. private investment firm

15 years ago - when it was obvious MEC was losing its roots - I could see this day coming:

...and this is why I stopped buying from MEC 15 years ago.

So if you didn't buy from this Canadian cooperative.
Who did you give your money to? Jeff Bezos?


I still have and use a lot of my original Mountain Equipment Coop (not MEC) gear pre 2005 or so. Else, I buy our stuff within the Koots. And you?

Taiga Works is still alive in Vancouver. I used to shop between MEC, Taiga and Valhalla Pure, stopped MEC near the time Jorge did.  We purchased Taiga full zip waterproof pants last winter they are great, reasonably priced and sewn in BC (as opposed to designed in BC and sewn overseas).