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Faction Candide 3.0 w/Shift Touring Bindings & G3 Skins

I'm selling my do-everything setup in essentially brand new condition!  I didn't end up using this barely at all as I had the good fortune of testing a lot of new gear last season for manufacturers and have been given the opportunity to have some brand new stuff as a result.  Who needs a quiver?  You don't need two or more setups when you have this one in the barn.  :-)

The setup:

Faction Candide 3.0 Skis:  Hot, super versatile performant ski from this Swiss-based brand.  Definitely a no-compromise hill ski (its a Candide after all) and plenty light enough to tour efficiently.  Length 182 - 136/108/132 (20m radius).  Original MSRP $799 USD

Atomic Shift MNC 13 Bindings:  The hottest bindings out there.  If you haven't heard of the benefits of the Shift bindings you need to look them up.  Essentially the best downhill performant yet tourable binding in existance.  A game-changer.  Can ride it on the hill or in the backcountry at will safely and securely.  Stock on this binding repeatedly sells out. Basically compatible with virtually all boot sole types.  DIN range 6-13. Currently set to boot sole length of 305mm (~26.5), but has quite a bit of adjustability left before needing a remount.  Original MSRP $599 USD

G3 Alpinist+ Guide Skins:  Hot skin.  :-)  Design makes for easier trail breaking in deeper snow, yet light, good glide and grip.  It is cut to size/length of ski above and includes clips for twin tips and original clips too + storage bag etc.  Original MSRP $189 USD

$900 without skins.  $1,000 including skins.  Original MSRP on the setup $1,600 USD (Over $2K CAD).

 Call or text 250-Two-ThirtyOne-Zero-Eight-SixtyNine


The one and only price drop.  :-)  Call or text 250-231-Zero Eight Sixty-Nine

I am considering selling the Shift Bindings on their own for $550 CAD.  The lowest price I can find online for these bindings right now is $699 CAD + TAX.  These are in essentially new condition.  Jump on them before I change my mind, if that is what you are after.  :-) 

First come first serve.  Call or text 250-231-Zero Eight Sixty-Nine.

Ok.  One last chance and price drop for someone before I sell the Shift bindings on their own.

$900 without skins, $1000 including skins...or the bindings on their own for $500.

SOLD.  Thanks, bhubble.