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We have a few more items to part with.  Please call John at (250) 368-7114 for additional details or to come look at .

YARDMAX  Model @YB6270- 24" Width- two-stage  SNOW BLOWER used one season - $600.00

GARDENING TOOLS - watering devices, hoses- hose hangers, hoe, pick, rakes, post hole diggers, shovels galore (snow, garden, car), lawn fertilizers , bird baths, pruning tools, patio chairs, and more

Kitchen Table - local pine - 34" x 53-3/4" x 29" high - $50.00

Vintage Mirror - wood frame - 27" x 16-1/2" - $20.00

File Cabinet - 4 drawer - legal size - 18" x 28" x 51-1/2" high - comes with a bunch of hanging folders - no key - $25.00.

Fellini Window Air Conditioner - $50.00

Coat Rack - Black cast metal - 6 feet - $25.00

Floor Lamp -halogen - 6 feet tall - $10.00

SOLD - Singer Sewing Machine with 3 drawer cabinet - Model 774 with zigzag attachment. $100.00

ALL GONE House Plants - large - free to loving home that has the time and space...






Grain shovel?

interested in some gardening items. will call you


I'm interested in the sewing machine. Is it still available. I can be reached at 2502310830

Hi Cate, sent an email, and phoned, havent heard back. I'm interested in the 6' lamp.



Hi shred...I thought I had sent a message but alas...technically inept.  Lamp is still available.  We'll be at the house by 11:00 today...address is 1815- 4 avenue.

Hi Cate, I also texted regarding the lamp and plants. If shredgnarley doesn't take it I'm interested!



Thanks Cate. I'm working until 430, but will come by the second I'm home  :)