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T2 Beacons need firmware update

Hey Neighbours,

Do you own a BCA T2 Beacon like the one in the pic?  If yes, it needs an update to the firmware.  This was super easy for me, go to the BCA update request form, enter your serial # (in the battery compartment) grab a buddies too there's a line to send multiple beacons.  They emailed me a purolator tag to send it no cost to me.  Seven summits gas is the drop off for Purolator packages. Turn around door to door was 2 weeks.

Your favourite line probably doesn't have enough snow to ski or ride yet, plenty of time to get your gear fixed up.





Thanks :)


Thanks for posting this.

Just so you know if you don't get a chance to update your beacon will work fine if you follow standard best practice .


  1. Why does the Tracker2 require a software update? The T2 software update ensures that Tracker2 transmit pulse meets the ETSI International Standard for avalanche beacons when the Tracker2 is in power-saving mode and ensures interoperability with all brands of avalanche transceivers.
  2. What will the software update do to my Tracker2 avalanche transceiver? The BCA T2 software update will improve functionality during its power-saving mode by slightly lengthening the pulse width—the length of each “beep”—and slightly shortening the pulse period–the time between the beginning of each beep.
  3. Why does the Tracker2 go into power-saving mode? The Tracker2 power-saving mode is intended to save battery power for users who forget to turn off their transceivers at the end of the day. Even without power-saving mode, the T2 meets the international standard for battery life, that requires the capability to search for one hour after 200 hours of transmitting.
  4. Will my Tracker2 still work without the software update? Yes, your Tracker2 will still operate without the software update as long as you use it in accordance with the best practices listed in the Tracker2 manual and BCA’s transceiver usage guidelines. The Tracker2 should be turned off and on before each use, the Tracker2 batteries should have greater than 40 percent remaining power before using, and users of the Tracker2 should perform a trailhead transceiver test prior to each use.
  5. If my Tracker2 will still work, then why is it so important that I update my Tracker2 software? Your safety and the safety of your backcountry group is the reason the Tracker2 software update is so important. By updating, you avoid the rare occasion when a Tracker2 is mistakenly left on and not checked according to the instructions before going into the backcountry. In this case, there is a remote possibility that another transceiver won’t be able to detect it. This could include other brands or future models of transceivers not yet available on the market, which could potentially be less tolerant of deviations from the standards.
  6. What’s the difference between a Tracker2 ‘update’ and an ‘upgrade’? Software updates are a way for our software developers to fine-tune your product to make it the best it can be. BCA will modify your software and return your Tracker2 unit back to you. An upgrade is when a Tracker model is switched out for another Tracker model.
  7. Is this a mandatory “recall” of the Tracker2? No, this software update is a voluntary action that is not being required by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, European Commission, or any other regulatory agency. There have been no reported incidents in which the current software has contributed to a fatality, injury, or other damage.
  8. Can I update my Tracker2 online without shipping it to BCA or a BCA distributor? No, there is no online update or download available for the Tracker2. You must ship it into the BCA authorized location that contacts you after you submit your Tracker2 Update Form online.
  9. How long will it take for BCA to make the update and return my Tracker2 to me? You will receive your updated Tracker2 back within 10-14 business days from the date we receive your unit. The software update is exclusively available for the BCA Tracker2 model of avalanche transceivers.
  10. Where can you find more information on the International Standard for avalanche transceivers? The ETSI specifications are listed here.
  11. Is there a software update available for other BCA Tracker avalanche transceiver models? No, the software update is exclusively available for the Tracker2 model of avalanche transceivers

Since the discussion is avalanche beacons I'd be pretty concerned if using a DSP Pieps.

Good article on TGR now. Worth a read if you use a Pieps.

Adding onto what roamryder said...the old school pieps DSP (original version, that I've been using for a number of years) doesn't have the same mode-switching problems that the newer pieps DSP and DSP sport have been having - assuming that's what roamryder was talking about