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Each one exists because the next one does

The "financial services" exist to trap third world countries in debt, the business lawyers exist to defend the pillagers, the accountants exist to track the money and the private university exists to ensure there is a constant flow of pawns. Most all involved are living lives of luxury while the world burns and it's revolting. 60-80% of all income generated in Canada is made at an administation job (and most all of these jobs are centric to tracking the movement of money inventory & labour, a problem that only exists today because each company has isolated computer systems [in an economy that actively fights labour-reducing technology]). There is no discussion to be had about politics until everyone realizes that infinite-growth bureaucratic hyper-capitalism is no longer a viable plan for society at all whatsoever. The current system is set to implode within the next 100 years or sooner, it's a statistical certainty, a steady flow of motherboards and 600,000 dollar cars can only be maintained for so long when the Earth's population & its debt to itself grows everyday and the number of resources on Earth experiences sustained freefall; there's only one planet. We're using x+ barrels of oil just to simply find 1, think about that, at this point the main reason oil is being pulled from the ground is for the sake of short-term concentrated monetary profit. Oil takes millions of years to develop and virtually all oil on Earth has been discovered (meaning the actual supply will always trend downwards, not that our economy cares for specifics like "actual supply" and "need" though). Oil needs to be preserved because oil is non-renewable and is used for everything [worth noting is that 50% of all oil and gas operating revenue in Canada goes to a bank account in a foreign country, and war for profit is coming for us]; the entire economic system operates on backwards principles like the above [fractional reserve banking, interest, property taxes, bets on bets and the stockmarket in general] yet somehow the economic indicators keep going up whilst the number of people experiencing mass suffering directly caused by a lack of buying power changes everyday at the flip of a virtual coin. It is mind-boggling. Many "lives" in developped countries are founded on a bedrock of delusion and virtually no one is truly happy like our ancestors were but yet our wasteful lives (that are bequested by them) create the hell that exists in the places we can't see. In Lebanon for example, before the coronavirus, 50% of people made approx. 80USD a month, when the coronavirus struct the lebanese pound was devalued 800%; entire families who were in abject poverty before now have the symbolism needed to show that their fates are sealed, condemned to die in misery, there is no where to go, no land to live off, no money or noblism to relocate. Poverty IS a life sentence for billions of people on Earth today, we just can't see it or simply choose not to. It's all sickening and worst of all it is set to get a lot worse [robots, populism, and no crops]. Our economic system has been building on itself for 300+ years and it is time for the software to be re-wrote from scratch, "politics" in Canada is pointless until this is generally accepted by all. (This doesn't mean immediate sweeping changes, this means at least acknowledging reality and maximizing our efficiency and potential.)

So, wanna know who I'm not voting for? those telling me they will solve climate change whilst they purchase thousands of plastic signs to litter the highway from here to vancouver; that discludes all but the green party (who probably can't afford the signs) and I can't vote for them because they are 100% infiltrated by foreign spies [and ignorant self-righteous "leftists"]. Society is like an airplane, there's no one human-thought-specific way for it to be built, airplanes work because of aerodynamics & rocket science and aerodynamics & rocket science aren't man-made concepts moulded by human emotion. We should aim to vote for people who have logically sound plans for society, most social issues will solve themselves when the system festering mass structural violence is revised (as long as our thoughts, bodies, and necessities for life are properly protected and prioritized). We should vote for someone who wants to prioritize a comprehensive survey of the Earth's resources.

We are all human, none of us better or different than the next, we need to save our species and moreso we can get our entire country rich while doing it. From the looks of it there is abolutely nothing else to do except go around in circles and that brings joy to no one, as seen across the world in 2020. We need to vote and we need to vote for people who offer more than just hypocrisy and smiles.


Best Regards


Thanks for sharing! Not the Phil Collins part, lol, but great sentiment you've shared. Hard to admit our current course is doomed. 12 steps maybe?? I'd say we're certainly in denial.

Thank you for your kind words. I definitely understand your outlook on Phil Collins.

It is so hard to visualize the storm clouds eh! I think that has just as much to do with our human disability to fully conceptualize world-scale issues as it does with brainwashing; I admitedly doubt my message at times. I think brainwashing in the past was different though because of not only the available delivery systems but also there were tangible reasonings for the backwards economy (like the pursuit of oil discovery) but now, now, when the kids run out of cobalt to mine we're not gonna have any new motherboards to throw in the dump and it's indeed difficult to tangilize what that specific case or others similar [like running out of x and x and x or being in dystopia x and x and x] would mean for the things we hold near and true, so it is hard to reverse. Mass brainwashing could be a thing of the past if we worked towards it; I of course have views on the future of mass-manipulation and surveillance, biting my lip today from explaining to a child why a certain app is one of the symbols of one of our possible apocalypses was a symbolic experience (biting lip now again, I had intended to make this a short response [which is a small part of the overall problem: miscommunication and in turn humans condemning one another due to misintrepretation]).

12 Steps though, that is a very good idealogue, the notion that we are addicts in denial definitely develops crisp thought; we are certainly in denial but I think the denial is built-in, I think modern society as a whole can allow for someone to be deluded from birth (be it brainwashing or sensory overload) and I say that because deluding someone from birth would be the only way to create a human that 1. is so ignorant of how the things around them work (cars, computers, finances) and 2. participates in an econ system that (a) disregards need and actual supply (b) teargasses those that don't pay their "property taxes" (c) bankrupts and leaves destitute at the flip of a virtual coin AND sells people's debt at cents on the dollar while other debts are gambled upon (d) prioritizes the notion of profit over the tangible concept of human good (e) prioritizes...... I think I can snap people out of denial on a mass scale but I'm still working out exactly how to do that, been in a slump kinda; after much thought and a general realization that we are all children of the earth and that every thing has its own song, even inanimate objects (like the sound the Earth makes: HUMMMMMMM) and a further realization that the only things that matter are the trees the dirt and the water and that I must not allow myself to be bound by modern society [or better, to not allow myself to live for others or for farcical non-tangible thought], I decided that yes, I will dedicate my life to trying to save the things worth saving (like jet skis and laser death rays). So I will conclude saying that I'll get back to you on on the whole 12 steps thing. This modern society is surely fermented poison.

Thank you again for your kind words, I hope this response finds you well.


this one?:

theres like at least 5 uniquely different absolutely horrific outcomes we're on track for if we continue on our brainless path and we're only gonna have a good outcome if we start using our heads instead of our hearts