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Teen Food Alliance

“Cooking” has been listed as one of the top priorities during many youth input sessions at the Rossland YAN.

As such, we will be offering a 4 part workshop series this autumn, with another series happening in the winter and a third one in the spring. This is for youth ages 12-15 to not only learn the fundamentals of cooking, but also to practice budgeting, mindfulness and self awareness with a talented and experienced instructor.

Throughout the year long series, classes will include nutritious ingredient introduction and conversation; Foodsafe practices including hygiene and food preparation; skill-building- cooking, sauteing, baking, roasting; and cost/value discussions. There will be room for creativity, autonomy and self empowerment.

Covid-19 safety protocols will be in place. Physically distanced stations will be set up, sanitization practices in place, and masks will be worn during workshops. Spaces will be limited- sign up soon! Students can sign up for the first 4 part series by following this link: