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Two Black Shepherds found at First Summit Cascade

Found two shepherds while out and about today at 230 in the afternoon. One tag read "Brenda" who was happy and seemed healthy. The second was too timid to approach, looked hungry maybe wounded.

You can find their tracks just beyond the orange gate on Summit Road at the top of the Cascade hwy (where mtb trail Dewdney descends). We were unable to retreive the dogs.

Go get your dogs!

Somebody posted earlier about losing these dogs?

Yes, someone posted about these dogs being lost up the dewdney a few days ago. Unfortunately, I can't find the post, the search function is not working for me. These dogs live at the bottom of the dewdney on the uphill side. 

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the Post it's appricated!! those are our dogs Bruce and Brenda they are home safe.