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Lost Dog help!

Here is a picture of Loki. He was last scene

at the wetlands junction between viewpoint

and mosquito on nov 25 at around 3pm.

He would normally come to someone especially

with a dog but we are not sure as we have been

up there twice and people have been at the

trailhead and not seen him. We are so grateful

For any help we can get!!! Text 250-804-5267


I will head up there tomorrow with my elkhound and have a look around. Please post if he has returned.  

Will do! Thank you so much!!!


Good luck to you and Loki. I can't imaging how hard this must be for you. Our pets are very special companions. He looks like he has a thick coat so we are rooting for him!


Heading up that way in an hour or so, will have my mutt with me.  We'll have a look.

Where was he? And glad that you found him

So happy to hear this news!!

Oh man such great news, I was thinking about this everyday while at work wanting to go find him!.. excellent!


Glad you found him. :-)


Glad you found him. :-)


So happy you found him!  Keep an eye on that guy in the future eh!?