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Wanted: Purchase House in Rossland


Myself and my partner are looking for a 2-4 bedroom home to purchase in Rossland. We currently live in Rossland but our lease is coming to an end and our Landlord is selling their home. Please contact if you have anything available. 



Hey, my partner and I are thinking about relocating. No firm plans yet, but we'd need someone to take over our lease. Text or call @ 4036880295 if you'd like to chat about it. We have a 2 bdrm in upper Rossland right now.

check out the listings .remax big house for sale on 3 rd

Hi Peter, Thanks for the feedback. A bit out of our price range at this point. But we are keeping a close eye! 


Mirob- I will send you a message. That may be our option in the intermediate.