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FREE Awning

Letters are vinyl and removable so leave the fabric on and get your own signage. 

Or remove the fabric and just use the metal frame. It's quite light.

Dimensions are 126 inches long x 31 inches high.

Text / call 250.231.7943


We would like it.  250 231 3498. Call or text

Sorry, this does not work for us.

What happened in the 8 minutes between you saying you'd definitely take the awning to a flat out no?
Did the wife shut you down Wayne? Was it case of the free Pool Table all over again? Please let us know. Our operators are standing by for your call.

Still available.  Aluminum frame.  Remove the fabric and put on plastic and it cold convert to a hoop house for your garden.  Eighteen inches deep (wide) by 31 inches tall X 126 inches long.

And it gone!  Off to become another funky hoop house!