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2012 Devinci Wilson RC for sale

Selling my size medium Wilson because i'm not riding it enough. Great shape. 2,400 $


250-362-91 five two


What size?

It's a Medium , I'm about 5'-11"

Great day for DH riding!

The geese are flying back and my dog is sheddin'...betta to get an early start on thinking of pedlin'....Still for sale!

Still available!

I see Rory has a DH bikes for sale but what you really want is this one ;b

Sunny days! this ride still needs a new owner.

Or Rory's bike..........word is that its a good deal!  offers should be made on eather bikes! 

Like James Brown would have said; I wanna take it to the top, I wanna get into it...bump! bump! bump! bump!

Oumph! Woof! Bow wow!

Buy me! 

Good for you, Good for me. C'mon do it !

Sun is shining...

For sale.

2,200$ Now!

Buy me Rob!