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Looking for 2/3 bedroom apartment/house for ASAP (longer term rental)

We are two responsible females who are employed full time, looking for a 16 month lease. Please email and I can forward a renter's application complete with references and other info!

Cheers :)

Hey Melissa, my name is Bre, Im also currently looking for a place. If you're interested in another kind and tidy female joining you ladies, we can meet up and see if we are compatible. My number is 204-797-7259. I noticed that there is currently a fully furnished 4 bedroom house posted right now, perhaps that may not be a bad thing to look into if you're willing to live with that many people? Just thought I'd message you and suggest. :) Have a rad day!

Still looking!!

Still looking! :)

Still looking!

Hello Melissa,

  Just wondering if you are still looking for a place?  If so I just need your contact info as we have a 2 bedroom apartment coming up August 1st.