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Lost Orange Cat named Bill Murray

Hey Rossland.

My cat, Bill Murray, decided it was a good idea to run out the door when I had it open.  I tried to catch him but he felt that rush of freedom and like a chunky orange garfieldish flash, he was gone.

He got out around 11:45pm tonight (April 20th) when I was taking my dog out for a walk and he was last seen ploncking into the darkness around 2nd and Queens St.

If you see him, I would appreciate it if you could either tell him he should go home because it's passed curfew or if you can grab him, I am at 2099 Second Ave.

Attached is a recent photo of him.  He likes to take selfies.

I don't own a phone but you can email me if you have any tips of where he might be!

Thanks so much,


He came home!  Thanks to who ever told him he was past his curfew.  Appreciate it!