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Lost Laptop

I forgot my MacBook Air in the Prestige Cafe in Rossland yesterday June 9th at 8:30am.  By the time I noticed it was gone it was too late.  The staff at the Prestige didn't see it and no one has turned it in. I beg of you.....please return the laptop!  I need it for College and can't afford to replace it. It is useless to anyone else because it's locked and also connected to iCloud. This is tearing me apart so PLEASE PLEASE get it to someone....anyone. My number is can text or call.  Or get it to someone who works at the Prestige or the RCMP.

It was in a very bright sleeve with a tree on it. I will try to post a picture




Any luck yet Skye? I am really hope someone returns it

Not yet

still looking....




If anyone knows anything....we are still desperate to get it back