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Mary Poppins seeks new family


I am a nanny with 12 years professional experience. My most recent position has recently ended after 3+ happy years, and I find myself looking for a new family with whom I really connect.

I am outgoing and gregarious. Getting out every day with my nanny kids is important to me, whether it be to parks, playdates, drop-in programs, or just for a little walk around the block or trip to the grocery store. I am a nonsmoker, & healthy eater. While my first priority is always childcare, I am not at all opposed to doing basic housework, errands, and meal prep. I like to keep busy and take pride in finding ways to make my nanny family's life easier, and the household run as smoothly as possible. I consistently look for small ways that I can lend a hand and be of service. I prepare healthy, well rounded meals for children, & avoid the use of screens.

I have my own reliable vehicle and am open to keeping a car seat for your little one in there. I also have an infant of my own (little boy-- 5 months) who will be coming along with me. He is a little dear, and is hoping that having a daily playmate will teach him about sharing, empathy, and patience.

I've taken care of large families of 4 children, twins, newborns, toddlers, and school-aged children and am familiar with the unique rewards and challenges that come along with each.

At this point in time, I'm looking for:

- A family with no more 1 or 2 children. Perhaps one is school-aged, and the other is younger?

- Part time. 15-25 hours p/week.

-  I love pets and am happy to help care for yours.

- $15-$20 per hour. With guaranteed minimum hours each week.

- Completely open to being accomodating of rotating, wacky, and generally unpredictable schedules (attn: Doctors, Nurses, and Teck employees)

- Located in Trail, Montrose, or Castlegar.

- To start in September or later.

I am no stranger to a long term commitment, and believe that the longer I can be in a child's life, the better. As such, truly 'clicking' with a family is incredibly important, as is mutual respect and consideration. Nannying is very much my chosen profession, and I am looking for a family who treats me as a trusted member of the 'parenting team', rather than just the 'babysitter'. In return I offer you reliabilty, flexibility, kindness, a can-do attitude, honesty, and trustworthiness. I come with excellent references who will attest to these traits and my many skills. 

If you are looking for your own Mary Poppins, send me a note. Thanks so much!

tamboden at gee mail dot com

Town: Trail, BC