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Looking for a house rental and/or caretaking position

Local couple looking for a new abode.  Short term or long term.

We are a local pair with gleaming references in and outside of Rossland.  5 years of care-taking properties, tending beautiful gardens, building projects small and large scale.  Last two homes were 9 acres/ 5 acres.  We helped sell both properties.

Are you looking for a couple like us to watch/rent your home while you're away? do you want trustworthy individuals to help update your house in order to sell? perhaps your just looking to rent but want to be assured of the upkeep and care for your property?

We are open to ideas ad any opportunity for renting/caretaking. We're ready to move in anytime from now until Sept/October. Please pass this post on to anyone who might see this as opportunity!

Clare and Travis

Please personal message us responses: 250 532 2809



1-3 Bedroom and land/garden most ideal for us, we come with one small cat.