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Coleman Tent Trailer for Sale

2003 Colman Tent trailer - sleeps 5.  Good Condition.  $3500.00  Approx 1100 kgs weight.  Outdoor and indoor stove, 3 way fridge and furnace.

250 368 1567 or 250 362 7161


Do you have pics?

Do you have pics?

I have several more pictures of the interior.  I can email them to you but Bhubble keeps us to one photo

Hi I'm interested in your trailer. Where can I view it? Thank you I'm assuming IT has a 3 way fridge etc.? 

Also could you tell me the dry weight of the trailer?

I am around for the rest of the day if that works to come and see it. Seriously interested. Thx. I had a want ad in a while back. Cheers