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Car Break ins

Last night, both mine and my husband vehicles were broken into on Butte street. Nothing important was taken maybe some change. Glove boxes and console's left open, so somebody went thru the vehicles.

Just a warning to other Rosslander's, to lock your cars at night. Some loser is out there breaking into cars at night 



Yeah, ours too! On LeRoi, right near the hospital. Thieving scumbag.

Yep, our van was broken into as well. On Thompson Avenue.

Ours too. Also on Thompson. Thankfully we had just cleaned out the car that day so there was nothing of value.

Were your cars locked or unlocked?  Just curious if they are just looking for opportunities or doing damage as well.....

Our van was unlocked, so no damage. We've still left it unlocked since that night - if people want to steal stuff so be it, but we'd rather not have broken windows and/or other damage to deal with  at least.

Funny - we had an old iphone with a smashed screen, USB cord and stupidly a wallet that was full of ID, bank cards, the whole shebang. None of that stuff was taken. The wallet was very obviously searched, but nothing was moved or taken from it.

Perhaps this person or people are looking for something specific?

(come on, who wouldn't want a smashed iphone?! ;)



We also left our cars unlocked, no damage and nothing taken. I honestly wouldn't have know someone went thru the car if they had closed the glove box and console back up. 

Yes, this is probably the most tidy, considerate thief to ever go through my car! It was a couple of weeks ago, and my car was unlocked as well. I'm on Columbia, near the Miner's Hall (very open and well lit) -so they're not afraid to go scavenger hunting on busier streets. I don't think anything was taken. 

My guess is they're just looking for cash. It would be pretty difficult to sell stolen goods back to Rosslanders, and still keep your anonymity.