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WARNING: Woman driving a 4 Door Silver Honda Civic

To the driver (woman) of the 4 door Silver Honda Civic with the licence plate FD(?) (???):

There is a reason for the speed sign that says 30km/h at the bottom of Thompson hill, perhaps you were too distracted speeding past me (yes, you pulled around me as I was driving down Thompson between Davis Street and Washington) I am appalled and disgusted at your behaviour.  Not only is it completely negligent to SPEED and PASS someone on a RESIDENTIAL street which has posted signs and NO PASSING LANES, it is also completely illegal.

It also sets a terrible example for the 3 young women in the car with you who witnessed this and all stared at me as you were passing, providing clear descriptions of faces (even if you were going too fast to get your license plate).

I have filed a police report.

Thank you for filing a report. This is happening way too much lately. Too many are taking advantage of the lack of police in the area. It's gotta stop. 

We're getting a little tired of speeders on Washington St past Salon Kula. Cars are designed to get you up hill. There is no need to gun it to get to second where you have entered a  SCHOOL ZONE. Slow down driving up and down Washington !

Yes, there should be more police presence

On Sunday night was walking my dog near MacLean school when a kid on a dirtbike drove down the steep hill on St. Paul st. He went right through the stop sign at the bottom of the hill, then headed for Trail. This is the same night when there was an accident on the road to Trail. I saw about 4 police cars and fire trucks there an hour or so earlier. The kid didn't have a helmet on, no headlights or tail lights, no license, registation or insurance! Rule # 1 in Rossland seems to be that there are no rules, a police car around once or twice a week! Also lots of vehicles with only one headlight, or no tail lights on a boat or bike trailer etc. Rossland drivers, you can do better! If your teenage kid has a dirtbike, please make sure it's used off road, maybe in daylight? 

oops, registration. 

You got results: there was an RCMP car on Thompson which had pulled over at least one person at noon. My understanding is that you need to call them if you want their presence in any area. As for the incident on the SUV went over the guard rail.


People break the rules everywhere. Personally I'm quire happy to not see cops here all the time. There are plenty of cops in other cities, and plenty of bad drivers too. I agree that peiple should slow down but don't think a speed limit of 30km/h or cops on every corner is the answer.

People break the rules everywhere, correct; however, if someone breaks the LAW and puts multiple peoples lives at risk in doing so there is definitely something wrong, and there is quite a difference.

I also enjoy that we don't see Police presence everywhere, this means we live in a safe community.  Key word "SAFE".  When people become complacent with the actions and behaviour they chose to express & my personal safety and that of others becomes involved then there needs to be more enforcement.  It is that simple.

To be honest, the speed was only a small problem of a larger issue - this woman PULLED AROUND ME/PASSED ME (me, being a moving vehicle doing the speed limit on a RESIDENTIAL road) with 2 oncoming vehicles and a pregnant woman on the road setting out her recycling.  So yes, when someone blatantly puts me and others in danger it becomes less of an issue regarding either of our opinions on how people should be behaving and one of the people being at risk of serious injury or even death.

Personally, I would be quite happy if I could do whatever I want whenever I want also, but this is generally a destructive way to operate in a society.

Washington/Plewman/Thompson need speed bumps. 

My husband put his hand up to motion a guy hauling up Plewman to slow  down while we crossed from our home up Plewman. He slowed down and pinned it to purposely  smoke us out. We had two dogs and an infant in a front carrier. It was so cowardly it brought tears to my eyes,  who smokes out a baby? 

People are ridiculous and treat these residential roads like highways. The new design is beautiful but has done nothing to calm traffic. It's almost made it worse. 

Washington/Plewman/Thompson need speed bumps. 

My husband put his hand up to motion a guy hauling up Plewman to slow  down while we crossed from our home up Plewman. He slowed down and pinned it to purposely  smoke us out. We had two dogs and an infant in a front carrier. It was so cowardly it brought tears to my eyes,  who smokes out a baby? 

People are ridiculous and treat these residential roads like highways. The new design is beautiful but has done nothing to calm traffic. It's almost made it worse. 

@realeyerealize - thank you for posting this! What a scary incident! I'm so glad you filed an RCMP report.

We have been asking Council to address the incessant speeding on Thompson for the past 5 years. We've spoken with many residents who have been asking Council to deal with this for much longer than that - this problem goes way back, years and years.

The only thing that Council has done so far is to move the electronic speed sign down to a few different locations on Thompson - but this doesn't do anything to help the problem.

We've spoke with the RCMP many times as well, and in 5 years have seen an RCMP car stationed on Thompson trying to catch speeders once.

We were encouraged by to put up our own sign outside our house, that might help people slow down, but it was stolen.

FINALLY, with literally no other person to turn to, we reached out to MP Richard Cannings. He in turn spoke with Kathy Noore, and we received a reply from both folks, but still....nothing has changed.

Speed Bumps - Controlled Intersections - Much Better Signage - A sidewalk (!!) - there are many different options that could potentially make Thompson a safer street.

We finally said to Council that we are stepping out of the conversation. We're exasperated. We're tired of constantly bringing this to their attention. 

What needs to happen to warrant this issue being addressed??

You were just PASSED BY SOMEONE on Thompson - I'm sorry, but that is CRAZY.

All we hope for is some kind of solution before someone gets hurt or killed.

Hahahah. I have got passed going to work about 10 times on Washington since 30km speed limit. (at 6am)

While we're on the topic of drivers, the STOP sign at the corner of Butte and 1st Avenue seems to be invisible to many people who live in that area.  I have come close to being t-boned many times.

I literally JUST saw a car pass another car on Thompson, and the person I was in the vehicle with said they see this happen all the time.

What kind of unsafe driving activity needs to occur to get the attention of Council and RCMP?!!!

I agree that passing on residential streets is ridiculous, but does any one else feel that the 30 km/hr speed limit is a tad on the slow side for Thompson? 

I agree that passing on residential streets is ridiculous, but does any one else feel that the 30 km/hr speed limit is a tad on the slow side for Thompson? 

If you lived on Thompson with small children and pets you wouldn't be asking that.  So the answer is no.  You need to 50 so you can get yo trail ten seconds faster?

In a neighbourhood I used to live in that was concerned about speeding, one of the dads stood by the side of the road and threw a tennis ball across in front of drivers just to remind them that they might have to stop quickly for a kid chasing it. Perhaps not recommended, but that's how upset people can get about this.

Lemur22 I agree. I don't deny there are issues with speed but changing the speed limit just isn't going to change behaviour of those who speed anyways. The only way to change that is by more consistent policing and thereby consequences for speeders. Not everywhere is a school zone. 40km/hr in residential areas is pretty standard in every other town I've been to. Also, teaching your kids not to play near or on the road is pretty standard if you live on a busy street. That's what back yards and parks are for. 

30 km is NOT too slow for Thompson. It is residential, with tons of kids and NO sidewalks. Agreed that we need speedbumps, or maybe get really annoying and put in stop signs at every intersection, if speed bumps are too much of a pain for snow removal.

Here is a link (for those individuals who don't understand why 30km/h is considered safe) with supporting information as to why:

& a quote for those of you who maybe won't read it, but should be informed:

"The data also shows that even though fatal accidents (excluding run-over accidents) are rare in speed environments where the mean travel speed is below 40 km/h and severe injuries are rare below 25 km/h, over 30% of severe injury accidents occur in speed environments below 35 km/h."

The speed limits are not there to offend or upset those individuals who lack the patience or basic understanding of having to function in a society that does not cater to one specific kind of individual (impatient, reckless, complacent...), rather to protect each one of us, as most of the traffic laws in place are more so for our safety than to simply ruffle some feathers.  How this is not understood or accepted (by the very few individuals at this point it seems) is what's blowing my mind.  It is completely offensive that anyone is even recommending other people should take more precaution so they themselves can be complacent and not take the responsibility.

I am honestly so encouraged and thankful for all the input of the community on this, it speaks volumes to the level of care the majority of people have.  It is wonderful to see so many people offering solutions, despite the circumstances being rather negative and unfortunate.  Know that your compassion and care does not go unappreciated, engaging and discussing issues like this & issues that matter are what make this place so special and what will make it thrive.

Apples to apples nailed it.

When I first became concerned about speeding on Plewman/Washington and addressed it to the city I was told that speed bumps will never be put in place because of snow removal. 

Interestingly enough when I've researched what other ski towns do (those with hills and high traffic).It is speed bumps. I wonder why plows in Whistler, Mt. Tremblanc, Big White, and Sun Peaks can handle it but ours can't?

Another interesting point is that those that should be using the roads regularly (resident) would like them in place... those that use the roads as short cuts don't. 

If the folks who speed on Thompson were only driving 40 km/hr, we wouldn't have such a problem. We wouldn't have gone to council meeting public input; we wouldn't have contacted Council + Mayor a dozen times; we wouldn't have pow-wowed with numerous folks who live on this street about solutions; and we most certainly wouldn't have contacted our MP.

The speeding we are talking about is 60 km/hr, 70 km/hr even 80 km/hr!!!! Its crazy!

@applestoapples - we live on the lower side of thompson, and our backyard faces a park. Believe me, our kids do not play on Thompson. My little kids (all under 6) are scared to get in our van sometimes, because of how fast people drive.

Somebody suggested throwing a tennis ball into the road - we have seriously contemplated doing something of the like, to demonstrate that anything can happen and things happen quickly - and driving in excess of 40 km/hr simply DOES NOT give you the reaction time you need to stop or avoid colliding with something, or someone. What if one of my kids accidentally fell out of the van while they were trying to get in and landed on the road? There are kids everywhere! Kids do silly things sometimes!

With that being said, we haven't done anything like this. We wave at drivers constantly to slow down. Most ignore us. Many speed up quicker. We've been honked at and yelled at. One person stopped, turned around, came back and asked us what our problem was and when we said you're speeding in a 30 zone, the man adamantly argued with us that it WAS NOT A 30 zone! He believe it was 50 km/hr and after all, he was only going 60 so that isn't that fast, right.

I agree with you, applestoapples, you can't simply lower a speed limit with zero enforcement and expect change. Clearly lowering the speed limit in Rossland hasn't changed a thing.

And its not just on Thompson. Look at the comments. Talk to people. This speeding problem is everywhere in this town.

At the very least - if Thompson was 40 km/hr and we had a sidewalk to walk on, it would be a much safer street. Thompson is narrow, there are cars parked everywhere and people speed - its a wonder a person or kid hasn't been hit yet.

Oh yeah - then we have construction companies who park their big honkin' dumptrucks completely blocking one entire lane and use NO SIGNAGE AT ALL to warn drivers in either direction!! I was walking on our not-sidewalk yesterday, and there wasn't room for me and cars to pass through the little roadway that this company and their dumptruck left for traffic. Traffic had to stop to let me walk through - thank god somebody didn't come speeding up to that.


With all the talk and comments about this, I'm totally surprised, and somewhat disappointed, council hasn't weighed in with any comments or solutions. Makes me wonder why. I'd be on it quick, but thats just me.

6am -6:30am on Washington. Its like an alarm clock, no possible way to sleep through it with trucks ROARING up the hill.....and god forbid you are driving the speed limit you will have a truck going 100k on your bumper. Many neighbours have resulted in yelling or waving hands at vehicles racing up or down. Scary stuff. Daily stuff. The flowers all look really pretty, and the bike lane ooooh, but it has done ZERO to curb speed or large trucks and equipment hauling up and down the street. What was the piont of blocking 6th and narrowing Washington street? Wouldnt a large sign at Columbia and Washington have done the trick to help this? Residents and business district right, ALL other traffic, construction, equipment straight??

How about some signage directing people to the highway as an alternative to going up Washington. Today I saw a pickup towing a very big trailer heading up the Washington street hill. They looked to be travellers, but with no alternatives offered, they headed on up, albeit tentatively.

There is a sign at top of hill. I asked the city to put it there. 8"x10" sign, that will do the trick. 

Good and thanks. I was thinking of at Columbia and Washington. Those people did not look as if they really wanted to go up that hill. Something to point them out of town.

Kathy Moore is usually on these posts within a day. Where is she? Or any other member of the city council for that matter? I agree... why is it possible for other snowy towns to have speed bumps, but we can't? The amount of times I've almost been hit by drivers in Rossland is unbelievable. In a car and while walking. Not only are people GUNNING it on the Trail hill, but they're coming onto Thompson going 60km, they rip down the road, blow the stop sign at the 4 way stop, and continue to speed through tight residential roads. I'm constantly almost being hit by cars coming around the corner of Nevada/Dunn no matter which way I'm coming toward it. These are some serious dangers in our town. We can afford to redo roads, plant pretty flowers, run automated speed signs, but we can't put in some speed bumps? How about a camera on that speed sign that takes a photo of the vehicle if it goes 10km over the speed limit? There are solutions, we just need someone to take these dangers seriously.

I can't express how thrilled we are to see this discussion happening.

I will warn you - we have been bringing up the speeding concern to Kathy Moore and Council for the past 5 years, TO NO AVAIL. They essentially have said that aside from the electronic speed sign there is nothing they can/will do. :( :( :( Oh, and they recommended to us that WE put up our OWN signage. As far as we're concerned, regulating the speed of traffic should not ever be the responsibility of residents. Are we wrong in thinking this?

That being said - they did put up those bright yellow signs warning drivers of uncontrolled intersections that COMPLETELY distract from the much smaller 30 km/hr signs.

@TheHaydens You're absolutely right.. the regulation of drivers is NOT our responsibility as tax paying residents in this town. It's really concerning that you have been trying for 5 years and the city can't even put speed bumps in. Sounds like the city is once again ignoring the people because they don't see the importance. Maybe we should get a city meeting happening. Bring our cameras and get some real answers. Figure out why these pleas have been met with deaf ears for 5 years. The city should be more concerned about the safety of the residents here. Not sure why they're stonewalling this. I personally voted for Kathy Moore and I'm tired of the weird excuses every time something like this gets brought up. 5 years is much too long. I commend your effort though, I'm not sure most people would keep trying.

While some councillors might read Bhubble, I wouldn't count on it.  A more reliable way of reaching them is through the city website: It makes for a more direct and productive conversation I think.

Thx @rosslander88. Were concerned for safety, and that has kept us motivated. Not 4 weeks ago though we sent our final email to Council, stating that were dropping the conversation because were tired of raising this issue all the time. Other residents who have lived on Thompson have in the past brought this issue to Council and also gave up. This thread however, has made us feel more hopeful that change is possible....somehow.

Its very upsetting too, to hear that these concerns for safety are shared amongst many throughout town - the problem isn't just on Thompson.

We're all for participating in positive collective action - we want our streets to be safe, for everyone!

@CarolCooper - yes, good point. There is a complaint/issue form righgt on the website. We've used that too :)

Hi All....

I appreciate all of the comments posted here. As a member of City Council, I can assure you this issue has come before us a number of times. As you know Council was proactive in lowering speed signs on all of our City streets less Columbia (Prov. Hwy. regulations would not accept a speed reduction - go figure...).


Council and staff have made multiple requests for more police enforcement of our traffic concerns however we/ Rossland is pretty low on the priority list when it comes to enforcement. I highly recommend that individual citizens contact the RCMP directly as the Haydens have done. Getting license #s of individual offenders and reporting them is a good strategy in my opinion. 

Temporary seed bumps have been tried on Thompson Ave. Maybe time to try some again. I know we had hoped neighboods would colaborate and get concensus on using them in their individual areas.  A few disrespectful (I wish to use another word here) drivers made it difficult by hitting their horns as they went over the bumps.

I will once again, request that Council/ Staff contact the RCMP to increase presence on our streets to enforce traffic codes. I would ask community members to contact the RCMP directly to do the same. And feel free to provide other ideas to slow folks down and make our community safer.






@Andy Morel :) Thank you for chiming in, and for continuing to bring this issue to the attention of RCMP.

When we have spoken with the RCMP, they have told us, literally, that Rossland is low on the priority list because we, as a community, "only want the RCMP presence when we need it or when it serves us, and otherwise we don't want them here ever." Individual officers have said this to us, with more than a hint of displeasure. None of the times we have called the RCMP have we ever seen them come here to Thompson. We saw them here stationed looking for speeders once, and that timing wasn't associated with any of our calls to them.

We have suggested multiple other ideas.

CONTROLLED INTERSECTIONS. Its wild how many uncontrolled intersections there are here. Has anybody had visitors here that have difficulty driving these streets / intersections because they're confusing?? We have. Placing STOP SIGNS at all of the intersections on Thompson would surely slow the flow of traffic. How could this not??

Purchasing stop signs from Uline (the first source I checked) would cost $46 per sign, if purchasing 5+ and $56 per pole. To create 4 way stops at all of the 4 way intersections on Thompson would then cost approximately $816. Seems pretty cheap to me, when we're talking about the safety of our residents. Link:

Surely Rossland could get a grant for this, if there isn't enough money in the budget?

Other suggestions that have been given to Council include - building sidewalks! Painting traffic lines on the road! Installing better, bigger, more visible speed limit signage!

Speed bumps aren't the only viable solution. Even if Rossland chose to revert back to speed bumps - who cares about the hissy fitters who honk as they're going over them - let them be jerks for awhile, they'll get over it. Would our community EVER get over a run down child who was killed by a speeder?


Thank you Andy!! 

I'm on Council and am coming late to this conversation.  Kathy Moore is out of town on vacation, and I've been faithfully monitoring Bhubble in her absence.  But this thread is not in the discussions - it's in the classifieds, and I wasn't looking there.  Had to get tipped off that there was a discussion at all. Carol is right - more reliable to email us if you want to reach Council.  Or phone.

As Andy noted, we've been trying to deal with this issue basically since we got elected.  On what we've done:

  • Installed sidewalks on Washington, Plewman, Leroi and Davis
  • Narrowed Washington/Plewman, installed bumpouts, to slow traffic
  • Reduced speed limits
  • Tried speed bumps on Washington (previous Council)
  • Built new connecter trails for pedestrian and biker links away from traffic
  • Rotating speed sign, asked RCMP to increase presence
  • Flashing crosswalk at 1st and Spokane (in progress)

I'm not saying all that to say there's no problem - obviously there still is a problem.  And we are still trying to get it right, so all this input is apreciated.  Agreed, the speed limits and speed signs don't stop people from being dangerously negligent (though I have noticed lots of slower traffic on Thompson - but maybe I need to be there at 6AM for a different view). 

On some of the proposed ideas: We don't have the budget to do sidewalks all along Thompson - we're tapped out for the next few years after doing them up Leroi from Cooke Ave., and on Washington/Plewman -- both projects have made it way safer for pedstrians (though yes I read the horror story above from Plewman).  The people who requested speed bumps on Thompson in the past subsequently requested they be removed - got tired of idiots honking as they passed. Happy to try to bring them back if there's a desire. Would be an easier case if a bunch of neighbours said "yes in my backyard" in concert.  On direct action like tennis balls and reporting speeders - of course that's good.  I think stop signs at every intersection on Thompson would be cheap, yes, but a bit extreme. Sign at Columbia and Washingon is a good idea. If everyone on this thread called the RCMP and asked them to come here it might change their perception of being unwelcome.

Please keep the suggestions coming, and we'll talk again to the RCMP as Andy has said, and to the City Planner.  At the end of the day there are always going to be a-holes no matter what measures you take.  But hopefully we can reduce it.

sorry - typo - meant "tried speed bumps on Thomspon"

@Aaron Cosbey Thank you for responding and giving so much information. It's great to see someone talking about this and trying to find a solution. I live right in the heart of Thompson Avenue and I wouldn't be bothered by speed bumps at all. If anything, I'd write down the license plates of the people honking and turn that over to the police for disturbing the peace! I'd much rather deal with that than constantly worrying about the neighbourhood kids/pets/elderly/etc getting between these speeding drivers. I feel the only people who oppose speed bumps are the people who like to rip down Thompson doing 60km/h anyway. It's great to see the effort that the city has been putting in in other areas of town with sidewalks and the like. Speed bumps seem to be the cheapest and most effective way to curb this issue at least a little bit. I see people blow through stop signs at the top of Thompson constantly, so I don't see that helping. A few speed bumps down the road would prevent speeding and possibly make drivers more attentive. I do know the last time we had them, there were only two. One on each end. Drivers would go over the first, speed through the middle, and then slow over the second. Maybe more than two would work better. Sucks that assholes have to ruin it for the rest of us. Hopefully this can be peacefully resolved and we can all feel safe. I will be making a non-emergency call into the RCMP as well. Maybe if more of us draw attention to the dangers in town, the RCMP might take us seriously.

Do call the RCMP to do a few days a month in different locations at the busiest times of the day. If there is a large enough group of concerned citizens they might respond a whole lot better than if it is just one vocal person. You need more consistency so the people who are speeding don't know when/where/if they might get caught. Public shaming and licence plates works well too it would seem. After this last incident, I was driving Thompson the next day and watched a police car once pulling someone over and a second time watching as I drove down the road. That would keep people on their toes and you wouldn't have the associated honking of those who are frustrated. It's not just the people who "rip down Thompson" who don't want speed bumps...I don't really want to see them there either. Hopefully it isn't a waste of time and money to trial the speedbumps for a second time.

On another note, how many pedestrian hits have we had in Rossland over the past 20 to 30 years? Anyone know? This is not rhetorical. And if you don't know and want to come back and throw insults and "almosts" at me, do so if you must, but I don't really care to hear them. There's a lot of super passionate and likely some overexaggerated claims being made about how frequently things are dangerous all over town, but in reality, when has grievous injury been the outcome? I'm not denying a problem exists, but people are not the best witnesses. I've been motioned at to slow down while driving a bigger, older, noisy truck on Thompson....I was going 35km/hr. So, sometimes people's perceptions are wrong. 

Not to take away from @Applestoapples questions. I just wanted to add that while I was sitting outside this evening I noticed a police car drive down Thompson twice. Looks like they were patrolling during the rush hour!

Question: Is the electronic speed sign (now located at the bottom of the Thompson hill) calibrated to only read/register a certain range of speed?

Yesterday I was approaching the 4 way stop on Thompson, heading east. A silver pickup truck was in front of me, also heading east. The driver rolled through the 4 way stop and sped off down the hill. This person was driving no slower than 60-70 km/hr, maybe faster. I was waiting to see what the speed was they were going, but the sign didn't register his/her speed! This person then continued to speed all the way down Thompson, going pretty damn fast. I couldn't read their license plate.

I followed down the hill, and the sign registered my speed @ 34 km/hr.

This isn't the first time we have noticed this happen when the electronic sign has been placed on Thompson. We noticed this multiple times when the sign was on the small uphill close to Esling, and we noticed it multiple times when the sign was near our house (east end of Thompson).

Anyone have any info about this? Or witnessed the same thing?

Just wondering what the point is of the sign if it isn't registering / showing the high speeds folks are travelling?

@applestoapples - I have no idea if a pedestrian has ever been hit here in Rossland. I sure hope not. But, this doesn't necessarily mean it won't happen. Yes I agree - perceptions aren't always accurate. Its hard to tell how fast people are going. It is obvious in some instances for sure, but obviously as was your experience in your older truck, its sometimes hard to tell. I think what people's perceptions are very clear about, is a shared feeling of hazard + worry.

@aaroncosbey - Thanks for chiming in with all of that info. Its great to hear a reminder of some of the positive steps that have been taken. Sometimes its easy to get caught up in your little neighbourhood bubble and forget that progress has in fact been made in other areas of town, which is great. The new sidewalk on Leroi heading up to town is a fantastic addition for everyone walking to and fro from lower - woohoo! If you're curious about speeding on Thompson, you don't have to wake up early and come to witness it at 6 AM, it happens at all times of the day, pretty consistenly. The majority of drivers are speeding to some degree. I joked with Andy about inviting the two of you to our end of Thompson - we could set you up in comfy chairs, feed you delicious food, keep you hydrated and you could sit back and enjoy the speeders breeze in your hair as you watch them fly past you.......

@rosslander88 - glad to hear RCMP was around yesterday! Hopefully they continue to appear, perhaps that alone will help calm down the flow of traffic.

You might not see anything on the speed reader board because it might be in stealth mode. You initially place the reader board in stealth mode for a couple weeks to record the vehicle data. Then turn the display on for couple weeks. Then turn it back on for a few more weeks to see how it affected the traffic flows. The slower speed is usually noticed immediately. But that usually doesn't last very long unless there is designed change to the traffic patterns. Traffic calming measures.

We live in a competitive society that can go faster, higher, stronger, and now anonymously, because that is the message sold to us. John

“People will come to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think” Neil Postman

You think Thompson is bad, which I'm sure it is, you should see Kirkup between Plewman and the highway. I swear people think it's an 1/8 mile dragstrip. And with so many going in and out of Centennial, with so many dogs being loose, it's just a matter of time before something happens. Plus I'm still amazed at the amount of drivers I see as they pass, going over the speed limit, with their heads down as they look at their phones. Totally blows my mind with the amount of stupidity I see in such a small town. 

One aside: I do wish that people would just ask our city council members to respond, especially through the proper channels, instead of writing posts that sound like they're assuming council just doesn't care. 

I've observed that most vehicles speed on residential streets. Where I live on McLeod Ave, I would guess that every second car/truck is doing 30km over the posted speed limit. The only fix that I can see are police radar and ticketing/loss of licence. 

To the young idiot guy driving a sliver quad cab 4by dodge who just went flying down Kirkup while cars are parked and the mountain bike race going on at Centennial... I swear you're gonna get a lot of apples through your window! Hope you like apple sauce! 

I meant silver, not sliver.

WTF is wrong with people?

Bring back the cop shop in Rossland.


'With so many dogs being loose, it's just a matter of time before something happens.'

Are dogs supposed to be on the loose?  

I just meant lots of dogs running around all excited to go for a run, sometimes they run across Kirkup, and with some crazy drivers out there it's just a matter of time before they get hit. Anyways I'm done trying to make sense of some things, done talking about it on Bhubble. Good luck with any needed changes.

D.W. we live on Plewman and our dog has been hit. 

He got loose and ran across the street to me  I was visiting the neighbours. 

I screamed seeing what was happening. The person flying down the street slammed on her breaks.

Thankfully her windows were open, she heard me, and she was driving a large SUV, he went under the front end and was ok. It could have been so much worse, but it's given me crazy anxietY with our road. I am petrified of it. So many children and lovely dogs live along it. And they aren't loose on purpose. 

Bottom line. It isn't a highway. It is treated like one. GPS takes traffic this way. Christina lake, Red traffic has habit that are engrained  

Until Stop signs, bumps are put in place signage will do nothing. perhsps severage speed traps will help. But a lot of the traffic isn't even locals. 

Speed bumps would be best or stop signs at every cross road is the only solution in a society that has NO RESPECT for anyone but themselves.

This  morning at 08:00 there  was an RCMP officer at the west end of MacLeod  and the exit of town to the highway clocking speeds Of cars coming up Plewmn and coming in to town. I have seen officers there before.  So maybe all the calls to police are influencing their responses to requests for more presence. It is also the beginning of a school year, which usually increases their presence in school zones. 


Any progress on the speed bumps for Thompson? The RCMP hasn't been back and I've been seeing the same old stuff continuing up again. How frustrating.

Its so frustrating. It NEVER stops, NEVER gets better.

We're pretty certain the only way council and/or RCMP will pay attention is if/when somebody gets hit or killed.

Don't blame the city or the RCMP, blame the idiots actualy speeding! Or alternatively how about you fund the extra 30-40 police officers needed to police every speeding zone in Rossland, Warfield, Trail, Genelle, Montrose, Fruitvale etc etc as well as attend 911 calls for service at the same time.  Your ran is useless unless you actually do something about it. And being the small town it is i imagine you personally know half the people speeding 

We're not blaming the city or RCMP, the fault lay entirely with the speeders (yes, a lot of whose faces are familiar!).

30-40 police officers are not needed, just a regular patrol of Rossland from RCMP and/or more frequent RCMP speed traps or whatever you want to call them, would help, surely?

We can't give speeding tickets. We can't erect stop signs or speed bumps, and they would surely help too?

What would you suggest we do about it? We put up our own signage and it was stolen. We're open to ideas. We're not just ranting on bhubble - we've spoken to the City + RCMP multiple times, and even Richard Cannings! We've brainstormed with neighbours. We always wave at people to slow down. We're trying.

It's simple... don't let your young kids play on the road. 

@kcmountain I hope you're not serious?

the 30-40 officers would be needed if the RCMP are going to fairly police every area in their jurisdiction that has speeding issues. Or should they just focus up here because we Rosslanders whine louder than the other communities?! 

Rhianna our kids don't play on the road. How about "It's simple, don't speed."

It takes less than 3 minutes to drive the entire length of Thompson @30 km/hr.

UKRosslander, the RCMP shouldn't just focus up here, but Rossland is part of their jurisdiction, and their responsibility.

Nobody is whining.

As much as I agree we should continue this discussion with a goal of information and education to work towards a safer community the 30 kmh speed limit has only served to waist tax dollars and further divide our community. I suggest it is very unpopular with most drivers in town who are responsible drivers. Speed bumps will be even more unpopular and cause further conflict in the community. 40 kmh is an accepted standard and what we should be in Rossland.  To council I strongly suggest you seek input from the community as a whole and not respond to a noisy few.

Better signage and a sidewalk, an information campaign, I'm all for a reasonable response.

30 kmh speed limits and speed bumps, absolutly not.

I agree roamryder.  Speed bumps are ridiculous.  They just force people to hit the brakes and then accelerate out the other side.  40 km/hr is a realistic and achievable rate of travel, especially for an arterial road like Thompson. A sidewalk would be a super good idea.

We'd be all for 40 km/hr + a sidewalk!

Increase the limit to 40 kmh and the speeders will go 60 kmh +. Rossland is pretty small and really are the 60 to 120 seconds added to your commute by driving the current speed limit that important. Honestly, if you can't drive the speed limit as it is now, then move to Kelowna or Vancouver where everyone is in a rush. Maybe you are forgetting why you moved to Rossland in the first place!

"According to the paper by Pons Seguridad Vial, anyone who is run over at this speed has a 90% chance of surviving the accident – and with 389 pedestrian deaths in 2016 alone, this is a serious issue which can and should be avoided, the study says."

So we should raise the speed limit because a bunch of people would rather save 30 seconds of their time, than make sure the public is safe? As Kathy Moore herself said in a news article when the speed was changed, this is a mountainous area with no sidewalks and it is dangerous. Driving faster than 30km/h can be fatal. I'm not sure why people feel the need to challenge every law that is put in place. We wouldn't need speed bumps if people would just drive the legal speed limit. It wouldn't even be a discussion. Perhaps you should move somewhere with a higher speed limit and no speed bumps if you don't like the way things are run here? No one's kids are running around on the streets. But there are simple factors such as: blind spots, human error, bad road conditions.. all of which are impossible to control. An accident MAY or MAY NOT happen. The point is, if it DID happen, the person hit would have a better chance at survival. I'd rather take an extra 30 seconds to drive through town at 30km/h to ensure that someone has a better chance at surviving a possible accident. People in this town are so concerned with getting where they need to go regardless of other people's safety, it's laughable. Speed bumps are a perfect way to deter speeding. Maybe they'll run idiots out of town too. Two birds, one stone.

Can't they put something temporary to slow people down in the summer months. Speed bumps or potholes would do and then remove by November for the plows not having to deal with them.

Well I guess it's different for everyone, depending on your vehicle.  For me, I drop into 2nd and can roll comfortably down Thompson at 40k with minimal intervention.  To achieve 30k, requires substantial breaking and eyes on the speedometer.  It's not about saving 30 secs.  It's more about traveling in a natural, relaxed, safe and aware manor. 

Rosslander88, by your logic, why not go with 20 or 10 or better yet, just stay in bed in the morning? There has to be a balance between risk and benefit.  I'm not sure where that sweet spot is, but feel that it's greater than 30. It's not clear to me how much science went into the decision to drop all the speed limits in town down to 30.  The blanket speed limit seems somewhat arbitrary and an over reaction.

I agree with you, Lemur re: balance between risk and benefit. I also agree that people drive down Thompson and some of the other streets in Rossland too fast. Some streets in Rossland such as Thompson lend themselves to that because, as someone mentioned, it's an arterial road; one doesn't see nearly as much speeding on Cook Avenue, for instance. Just as bigger cities have to make allowances for through traffic, so do small towns. For instance, if I was buying a house in Rossland, I would certainly consider the traffic in that neighbourhood. 

LOL the people for speed bumps / slow speeds are trying to stop people or animals from being killed. And the speeders / my car only goes 40 km are all about saving 60 seconds from their "commute" talk about selfish me me me me... move to Kelowna!

Oh D, your comments are always so...unnecessary/unhelpful. Maybe you should move to a town of under 200. That way you can an at least pinpoint the ten people that speed and don't pick up their dog poop and heckle them until they leave or you get into a bar fight. That seems like it'll work. 

I agree with Lemur22. Those of us who travel between 30-40km/hr are not the problem. Some drivers are the problem and will continue to be the problem even if you put the speed limit down to 10km/hr.

Call the RCMP. KEEP calling the RCMP. Get a list of concerned residents on/near Thompson to call the RCMP on a weekly rotation. Get them to do their job and set up some speed traps, even if it's just a few times a month at peak speeding hours (6-8am 3-5pm). They could make their monthly quota in a day if it's as bad as it sounds. They are ultimately responsible for policing the traffic laws in our town.

That being said, I have not heard anyone say they know of an actual pedestrian hit on Thompson. The RCMP cover a big area. Perhaps there are more dangerous locations where they are spending their time? I really don't know the answer to this, but I think it's worth asking the question and pausing to look at the bigger picture.

Perhaps Thompson should include a planned sidewalk for the next infrastructure upgrade? I totally understand council is tapped out budget wise right now, but it could be in the works for the future...? Leroi is also a busy street with lots of people travelling at a higher than posted rate of speed I'm sure. The new sidewalk will be a huge and much needed improvement, especially for parents pushing strollers/walking with little ones in the winter.

Finally, maybe it's time to put this bhubble conversation to rest? I think it's been established that some people are concerned and see an issue. So, carry on and do something constructive now? This issue needs a champion to gather the concerned and push for some type of action. Rosslander88? TheHaydens have tried, but one voice in singularity doesn't always see results. If there are so many concerned, unite and conquer? Certainly don't count on bhubble to help resolve the issue.

I for one would love to see multiple speed bumps installed on Washington and Thompson for starters, then add them elsewhere if necessary. Also, an increased police presence handing out speeding tickets would be welcome. I encourage people who feel the same to contact the city of Rossland and the RCMP and make your voice heard.

If that doesn't work we can always heckle them, publicly shame them or even pick a fight with those disrespectful speeders in a bar, LOL!

Applestoapples, thehaydens are not the only residents to try all avenues to solve the problem of speeding. 

I actually appreciated D's opinion and passion about the situation. 

I hear a bunch of folks have been ticketed on Thompson.

Thank you RCMP. I hope they come up to Plewman as well. They are welcome to

hide in my driveway. 

With so many comments, and it being a community issue, and it being a community discussion on a community forum, why is council so quiet. Thank you RCMP for your presence. I can't say the same for the council, especially the Mayor. And don't say you have no time to check out Bhubble, this took me 2 minutes...

@Jess - we haven't heard about any tickets, but it is relieving to know that the RCMP has been present and active in ticketing speeders - that alone is progress! We hope you see some RCMP presence up your way too.

@applestoapples - we were pretty stoked to see this conversation pop up on bhubble, because it has been almost empowering, in a weird sort of bad way (we wish there wasn't any speeding at all!), to know that we aren't the only concerned citizens in this town. Also, I think it came up earlier in the discussion - it might be that nobody has been hit on Thompson, but we shouldn't presume it won't. And, maybe folks are getting tired of this bhubble conversatoin, but we think it is helping - more people are coming together through this discussion in agreeance that there is a town-wide problem of speeding. Before this, we didn't really know that it was town-wide.

@mondegreen - how are newcomers to Rossland supposed to know that Thompson is such a busy street? When we purchased our house we had no idea. Now we do. We tried to get permission from Council to build a driveway off of Irwin, the street below us, so we could avoid Thompson altogether, but no go. We wish we didn't have to park on and use Thompson, but we have no choice.

AND LASTLY - TO THE JERK DUDE IN THE SILVER IMPALA - yesterday you drove past my young family getting into our van, and you were driving like 90 KM/hr!!!!! The older man who lives beside us who was also getting into his car yelped in concerned surprise, and one of my kids started crying. It is people like you that make concernced people like us want stop signs at every cross street and speed bumps throughout the length of this street. You are going to hurt someone. Please slow down!!!