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Rossland Community Fruit Pressing on Sept 17 and October 8

Let's squeeze some juice! Rossland's Sustainability Commission and Happy Hills Farm will host two community apple pressing dates this fall: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2017 and SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2017 between 9 am - 3:30 pm. 

A community fruit gleaning event is organized for SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2017. JOIN US! Scroll to the bottom for details...

To book an apple pressing time follow this link:

Pressing Instructions
1. Book a 1/2 hour time slot by filling in your name and contact info on any blank time slots. 
*Each press (takes 1/2 hour) fits up to three 18 gallon totes of apples and squeezes more than 25 litres of juice. You may need to book additional pressing times if you have more than a press load of apples. If you have less than a press load, let us know and we'll look for someone else who has a half press load.

2. Store your fruit in a cool place until pressing day. Check through your boxes and compost any bad apples before pressing day.

3. Bring your apples, juice jugs, and a cash donation to the fruit pressing location (Happy Hills Farm, Lower Happy Valley Road) at the time you booked. We’ll do our best to stay on schedule. 

Cost: Suggested cash donation of $20. Proceeds will go to operate and maintain the press and to purchase a smaller manual fruit press that will be available in the future to borrow for free. If the suggested donation of $20 is a significant barrier to your participation, please feel free to pay what you can.

Location: Happy Hills Farm, Lower Happy Valley Road (Look for the sign).

Help us pick all the fruit trees on Rossland's public land SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2017. To participate meet at 9:00 am at Ecole Sept Sommets to divide-up neighbourhoods and then head out with your ladders & boxes to pick fruit. To press fruit you glean at this event book a pressing time by following the link above.


First fruit pressing this Sunday!

This Sundays pressing event is booked up, and spots are filling quick for October 8th - book now and don't miss out!

The first pressing date is full (this Sunday 16). There are still spots for the 2nd pressing day, Sunday, October 18. If you want to press your fruit sooner, check out Press Fest + Picklepalooza this event in Slocan Park hosted by Kootenay Food...


And, come help us glean fruit this Saturday. Meet at Ecole Sept Sommets at 9:00 am. Bring a ladder if you have one and containers.


Any chance of doing the pressing on Saturday the 16th as well? I would love to pick with the community and be able to press locally.

I will investigate the possibility of adding another press day next weekend if there's interest. Could you send me your email?

IMPORTANT: Fruit Pressing for this Sunday 16 has changed locations to 1991 Princess Ave (End of Washington) Moon Gravity Farm.

We will be gleaning fruit tomorrow morning (Saturday 9-12) all over town. Check out this awesome map of Rossland's public fruit trees:

If you are planning to glean tomorrow and don't have a press time booked for Sunday, don't worry there will be a few options to press your fruit. Picked fruit can be stored for a long time in a cool room (ie. unheated north facing porch or unheated basement floor).