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Single fella seeks winter accommodation for me and my lovely doggo!

Hi! My name is Morgan. I am seeking some winter accommodation in rossland for the duration of the ski season. I am a quiet, chilled out guy and I have a lovely little dog named Yuki as well. She is house trained ( so am I) and we're both well behaved and quiet. I don't drink or smoke but have no problems with house parties or regular get togethers. Yuki can rock and roll all night and party every day, but generally keeps it to weekends. I'm really open to any kind of accommodation, as long as it's affordable. 800 a month would be my upper limit but I'm open to suggestions for the right spot. I'm a northern boy originally, from the Yukon, so a small cabin with onuuly wood heat would be no problem. (I've seen a fair few others on other websites in different cities) I am open to paying a few months rentmup , upon moving in of course, for the right place and price. Let me know if I sound like an ideal dude to join your household or maintain your cabin! Feel free to email me at or send me a Facebook message. Hear from you soon!'

Bump! Still searching