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Door Tickets available tonight for "The Canada Show"

Here's your chance to see high-calibre comedy right here in Rossland at the Miners Hall! This show is family-friendly, award-winning and sure to make you laugh.


VANCOUVER, BC: Originally created in 2001, The Canada Show has been Monster Theatre’s most successful play to date. The show premiered in Calgary at Shakespeare in the Park and over the next two years toured 8 different Fringe Festivals including the Vancouver Fringe Festival where the show was selected for a Pick of the Fringe holdover. Famously, Ian McKellan was turned away from a performance because the Fringe had a “no latecomer policy”! Since those first years the play has toured to the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, Second City in Toronto, The Belfry Theatre in Victoria, Lunchbox Theatre in Calgary and hundreds of other places across Canada. In 2006 Manitoba Theatre for Young People helped create an updated version focused on updating and increasing the First Nations content of the show. Many other companies have produced their own versions of The Canada Show, but Monster Theatre’s last production was in Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics.


The Canada Show takes the form of a sketch show. Wherever possible historical events are portrayed using Canadian cultural references, such as the story of Henry Hudson as an episode of Mr. Dressup, William Shatner performing the story of Etienne Brule, Leonard Cohen singing about obscure Canadian inventions, the MacKenzie brothers illustrating the Cold War or Justin Beaver acting out the Fur Trade from the Beavers perspective. Other scenes include the comedy team of Cabot and Costello, a puppet version of the Anishnabe creation myth, a Spaghetti Western about the Red River Resistance and the FLQ crisis as a hockey game between the Leafs and the Habs.






Tickets still available at "Out of The Cellar"!

see you there!