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ISO someone to fix/replace a backpack zipper

Hey there,


 Have a great backpack that needs a new zipper, anyone have any ideas?

I know there are a few folks around who can do this sort of thing, any info would be great.


Thanks very much!


Try June    or sewing repair shop in Trail across from Safeway

Ok, thanks for the leads Ill try em.. keep em coming if anyone else has any other leads.. thanks very much!



Still need someone else for a backpack zipper as it requires a special sewing machine ... anyone have any ideas?



Victoria Shoe Repair 250-364-2339 located on 2nd Ave in Trail (across from Safeway)

You could also contact Sew-It boat tops & upholstery in Fruitvale 250-367-3830.....she does awesome work and may be able to help you out.

Beauty, thanks, Ill try these options!


Beauty, thanks, Ill try these options!