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Any advice on choosing PRESCRIPTION ski GOGGLES?

Looking for advice from anyone who wears prescription ski goggles. What to avoid, what works well for you.

I cannot wear contact lenses and my prescription glasses fog up (even when worn with the right kind of goggles).

I want to ski and see!

Thanks. 362 7790


Perhaps you've heard of the outfit called Zenni......go on it - I believe they have them and you'll be pleased with the price.

I have had the same problem until my husband bought me Smith turbo fan battery operated goggles.  I used them for years and just recently bought new ones.  There are different colour lenses for different snow conditions.  The fan works great but they may not stand up to abuse if you are an aggressive skier (who crashes a lot).  I bought mine online they sell for 160.00 and up - i couldn’t find a ski shop that sells them locally.  The model I have now is the Smith knowledge turbo fan.

Thanks for all your input.

Smith, Zeal and Zenni.... it will be so good to see where I'm going!