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Making Rossland home for the winter in search of a room

Hey, I'm a 28 year old man who enjoys the outdoors and looking forward to skiing this winter. Rossland is one of the few place I've traveled to and say that I want to live here, something about the place. I grew up around Edmonton where I did grain farm with my family then decided to get out. This summer I traveled around Canada and to explore the country. I like to keep a place clean and organized as it feels better. I have the occasional social drink and don't smoke. I do like my quiet time at the end of the day. Rent won't be an issue as long it's fair for me and fair for you. Would be looking for a place till the end of April. 


If you have anything available or would think I would be the right fit send a message. I'm currently in the Rossland area

Call or text 7808683434 or email


Thank you 


Contact me. 2509214600

I'm still looking. Thank you

I'm still looking. Thank you

Im looking for a place as well want to team up to find something?