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Joe Hill Coffee House in desperate need of performers

Joe Hill has struggled this year to fill each bill with performers, and the Dec 17th show is in desperate need of acts.
Joe Hill Coffee House has provided a venue for local talent for many years and is an incubator of sorts for those that are interested in learning how to perform. There has been remarkable talent over the years, and last winter Joe Hill had a diverse mix of acts including solo and group acoustic music, beautiful voices, dance troupes, slam and dub poetry, didgeridoo, choirs, jokes, and more.
In other words, just about anything goes! Brand new performers are encouraged to come out. I've been there!
Please put the word out to your musical community and consider performing.
There are no auditions. All that is required is that you let us know ahead of time. You will get 15-20 minutes (usually 4 songs) of stage time.
The audience is warm, receptive and supportive. There is a stage and a sound system with sound techs that will help you get the best sound possible. Shows are all ages and are at the Legion one Sunday night each month.
Please help keep Joe Hill alive.
Message me with any questions or interest.