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Smart Cities Challenge - your feedback needed to give Rossland and partner communities at Federal Gov't grant $

A group from Rossland, Trail Castlegar & Nelson has come together for a submission to the Smart Cities Challenge launched by Infrastructure Canada. The challenge encourages communities to adopt a smart cities approach to improve the lives of their residents through innovation, data and connected technology. Your input is valuable and two links below will bring you up to speed plus provide a mechanism to provide input by participating in a Thoughtexchange:

Thoughtexchange to participate in and provide your feedback by Wed, Mar 7th:
The first goal for our group is to get shortlisted, from there we have a shot at a prize of $10m or $50m to apply towards our chosen smart cities initiatives in our communities!  Community feedback is the most valuable part of the process, thank you for taking time to participate!
Details on the Smart Cities Challenge (<3 min read):




Do you you really want to be the chosen city?

I highly recommend watching this video to better understand of how and why smart cities are getting built. Followed by the sequel

Visit for more information

So excited to read that the people will be provided the help needed to make smart transportation decisions. Like a notification that it's snowing in winter.

Here comes the "smart city", hook line and sinker. The phrase, But not limted to... is common in the various press releases.