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Public Hearing Cabins in Paradise

New location for hearing

Rossland Miners Hall 

Monday March 12th 6PM

As is stated  below,  and exerted directly from website

This campaign to raise money is to keep us stable moving forward, supported by those who love this sport and this way of life the most. It’s about building and growing this community and this passionate lifestyle. Think about it. Whether you’re in for “dimes or dollars” we’ll make it worth your while. By buying into this campaign, you'll actually own real equity in this enterprise. We're not talking a "Thank You" certificate, we're talking legitimately owning an actual piece of this place.


QUOTE: “It’s about building and growing this community and it’s passionate lifestyle.”


To build community I feel the development is better served to stabilize the need for PUBLIC skier satisfaction. The greater numbers visiting our community are creating chaos that RED RESORT VENTURES are not addressing. To move forward with the expansion they desire requires immediate solutions to the crowd problems. After addressing the needs of the general public I would be more inclined to except their cabin, clubhouse proposal. Until the immediate issues are dealt with I cannot see it as in the best interest of the community that RED MOUNTAIN VENTURES choose to be part of.


Issues that need to be resolved prior to cabin proposal:


Ski lift bottle neck at base area

Replace portable staff buildings at base of hill

YOU HAVE A VOICE, PLEASE USE IT TO GROW A BETTER COMUNITY. The city council needs your constructive, valid concerns to help with the direction this proposal takes.

Yes exactly what i have been thinking needs to happen. The infrastruture has to be put in place first to support the expansion.  The people that are at the hill the most ( the employees ) need to be provided a safe , efficient and supportive work environment where they are valued and have a voice that is heard.  There also needs to be the budgets for each department so they can have the number of staff needed to support the amount of work that needs to be completed.  

But hey, if the mountain does all that how will RED RESORT VENTURES be able to afford to pay Howard USD$430,000 (CAD$550,000) per year? 

Some interesting information in this document on how the Fight the Man funds may be allocated:



Where is the handicap elevator that was to be instlalled in the main lodge durung renovationo years  ago?  Should that not be a priority?  Should not all people have access to food and facilities?  Was that not a major reason for the previous renovation and did the hill not get a tax grant to facilitate this?  I’m not sure just asking because I know people who would appreciate to have an elevator in the empty shaft that was built.

Fight the Man!!! 

oh, it should be called Pay the Man!

$430,000 lol, you all got duped hahaha

Can’t wait to walk into them cabins 24/7 and use them with my family. Oh wait,,,, cabins on crown land in the rossland range will be used as rentals? Why don’t they upgrade the lifts? they waste there money on stuff that benfits 5% of people, why not put in a high speed quad that goes higher than silver load. That would be good for 100% of the people.

Where are the plans for staff accomodation?  Rossland is already in a housing shortage and with the hotel opening, we are really going to feel the crunch, along with gouging.