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Abandoned Truck

Anyone in the market for a free truck?

It has been abandoned in our parking lot and will be towed. 

Help yourself!


I ll take it



Where is that ?

Looks like behind tails pet store

HEY!!! thats my truck. I live above tails and therefore am able to park there. I work shift work and have been away for a month. I fly back tomorrow afternoon. It has been moved to appease you.

Wow glad they didn't have your truck towed... seems kinda rude considering you live there. If it has current insurance on it then it's not really abandoned, just not in use. 

People should mind their pie buisess 

Pretty aggressive post. Just another example of too quick to panic before knowing the facts. Sad. 

Sounds to me like it's nothing a bit of better communication couldn't have fixed from the get go: owner of lot: "Give me your license plate # so's I know who's OK to park here" and / or: owner of truck: "to whom it may concern, I will be away and my truck will be left here unattended, here's my license #.....I will be back on....a/b/c date".... 

Just to clarify - Austin- your landlord said that it was not yours.  Please check with your landlord. 

That was really inappropriate.  Legally, you can not 'give away' someone's vehicle.  Perhaps the strata may be proactive on snow removal issues like this by having any tenants register their vehicles for their one available parking spot.  I am aware that not all the suites have the luxury of having a spot in that particular location, but a bit of communciation from strata would prevent the numerous texts I received that day about 'abondoned' vehicles.

It was not my problem.  I moved my vehicle for snow removal - one would have seen my allocated spot was empty and ready for snow removal - which incidentally, the removal of snow from the roof was never addressed.  Meanwhile I watch the bedroom closet continue to remove itself from the ceiling more and more.  But I digress.

I was texted if any of the vehicles were mine, when it is well known where I park as it is an allocated spot under my deck.   Strata should have the contact information of all the tenants rather than expecting me to provide the information as if I am some type of phone book or data base.