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Disturbing post from Rossland Talks

The following post is on Rossland Talks this morning.  I don't care HOW upset you are about anything that happens in Rossland, this disgusting behaviour is NOT acceptable, especially when the people you are targeting are people like you and I who live in this town with their families.  Grow up, get a life, and deal with your 'issues' in a responsible way.


Hey Rosslander's. To the person that decided it was a good idea to URINATE in a bag and slip it into City Hall's mail slot, wide open, so when the person collecting the mail spilled the urine all over everything, you are a jerk! Perhaps it's the same person that snuck into the last council meeting and put a bag of feces on the desk? or maybe it's the jerk that waited for the snow plow to drive by so he could aim his snowblower directly into the window covering the driver. Did you ever think there may have been a rock in there? I get that not everyone agrees with what happens in City Hall but can you please express yourselves through different avenues? this has to stop.

Does the city not have a security camera at the front enterence of the city hall building?

I agree - Grow Up - Deal with things Face to face or Even in a Registered Letter - as regular people do!


Where does one find Rossland Talks?

Roosland Talks is a closed group on Facebook.

Thanks Lisa