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Opening Ceremonies Program - poor planning

I am really disappointed in the organization for the Ski Tech Championships Opening Ceremonies event last night held on Washington st. I only knew about it because, as part of the Boomtown Garter Girls, we were invited to perform. However it appears that virtually nobody knew about this event, not even many of the storefront owners on Washington street itself. As well, I had seen no advertising around town or on social media.

But the most frustrating part for me was that my son's group was asked to perform. They were meant to be the closing act, going on at 7:30. For days they had trouble with confirming the time. But when the program agenda came out, that was the time they were slated for. At 6:10 they received a call asking where they were. Apparently, because of the weather, the events started early and proceeded much quicker than anticipated. At this point, all the equipment was still set up in my living room as they were still rehearsing. Dumbfounded, they were considering how quickly they could get the equipment packed up to head over. They were told "well you can come, however everyone has left." That was it. These guys have been practicing for weeks for this. They have taken off time for work and/or school. They were not paid. It was all on their own time and dime!

I know the guys are young (18/19) but they are all hard working individuals, working and/or going to college full time. They were really looking forward to this and have been busting their asses to put on a good show. I am astounded by the disorganization and blatant disrespect that was given to them.

You think that was disrespectful, you should see what happens when you don’t clean up after your dog.

Don't see the parallel

I sympathize with you but if you remember it was raining so hard and when I walked by...everyone was leaving to get out of the rain.  I think you owe an apology to the organizers.  They worked really hard to make the whole week a success but unfortunately they had no control over the weather.  Hoepfully your son and his group will get a chance to let us all hear them at another event and I will look forward to that.  Three cheers for them.


No, she doesn’t owe the organizers an apology. The opening ceremonies event was very poorly organized. The advertising was essentially non existent. The schedule that was posted wasn’t followed, so that the parade overlapped with performances and the small amount of people who were there were left running back and forth trying to see everything. There was supposed to be street vendors, there were none. The rain didn’t really start until the end, so it wasn’t an issue.

This was flat out an embarrassment for Rossland. 

The fact that these young performers were disrespected in this manner just makes it that much worse.

The organizers owe these folks an apology, if it hasn’t happened already.