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Dog attacked on KC today

Hi there,

While walking 2 dogs on KC today, my small-ish black dog was pinned down by another dog, causing her to squeal and yelp in pain.

At the time, I didn't see any obvious injuries and passed it off with the other walker. However, once I got home, I've found a few puncture wounds on my dog (in kill locations). My dog is okay, the wounds are superficial.

What I would like, is the other owner to be aware of their dog's behaviour, and take steps to ensure that their dog cannot harm another dog again - I didn't get any details from the other walker, other than that I believe the dog's name was Sadie, she was being walked by a friend, (who had another dog that was white with brown spots) and was heading up KC at about 2.40pm today, and the person walking it understood that this dog sometimes attacks smaller dogs.

If this is your dog, please do something, before it actually kills someone's family member. Please! dog has been attacked a couple of times by a ginger/white husky malamute...same dog?




Could well be...

Owners have to be held accountable for that kind of bulls**t. It's getting carried away with the "I'll do whatever I please" attitude. 

I’ve fostered or dog sat animals who were unpredictable with other dogs.

I would never walk them at Centennial, or KC or rail grade or anywhere else with high dog traffic.

There are many places (sure, bit longer drive) that I have walked where I’ve never encountered another person in 10 years, and if I did use a less secluded trail, I’ve had the dogs muzzled... which actually works really well to temper their aggression. 

Dogs that can be aggressive can still live a full life of forest runs and couch snuggles, but they have to be managed to make sure everyone else feels safe on the trails.