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Cougars on KC

In the interests of public safety let it be known there were a group of cougars sighted atop KC lookout at approximately 5:30pm May 26. They appeared harmless, to the point of being very friendly (possibly a hunting mechanism), unsteady on their feet, and out in the open displaying decidedly non-camouflage pelts. One was brandishing a V-wing guitar, apparently a Musicougar roaming far from their traditional karaoke hunting grounds. Another walked out from nearby bushes, having proudly just marked its territory. Judging by the number of stainless steel growlers in the vicinity further marking of territory seemed inevitable. 

Also, I freely admit to not knowing the correct term for a group of cougars so if anyone can offer some insight feel free. At a glance the term "thong" seems appropriate, a variation of throng.

  1. 1.
    a large, densely packed crowd of people or animals.
    "he pushed his way through the throng"



Bahahaha! Definitely something awesome to report on bhubble!  

Bahahaha! Definitely something awesome to report on bhubble!  

Looking at these specimens, I believe it is  time I started cougar hunting. 

looks like a fleet to me! A fierce fleet of feline.

A pride of pussies!


They are now called Mountain Lions...... Mounting everything in sight and lying all about it!

Thats it!

I have promised myself  to get a license and tag tomorrow.

On the back of techno grind the other day I saw two piles of enormous feline poop... when I read this headline I thought that big cat had actually been spotted. Fell for it

Ida, are you serious??


I AM serious. One of the poops had half a rabbit pelt in it. There are some no nonsense cats back there.

Good to know..! Thanks!