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Sharp Shop - Equipment Rental - Request for Input

Sharp Shop is coming up on two years in Rossland.  I want to thank everyone for supporting my small business.  There was a recent post on the Rossland Talks Facebook group where there seemed to be a need for equipment rental.  I have thought about adding rental equipment to my business for some time.  My question is, what equipment do people need to rent?  There are certain logistics -and expense- that I would have to look into but I'd like to gauge the appetite for an equipment rental shop in town.  I've considered:

Cement Mixer

Table Saw

Jack Hammer

Water Pump (Gas)

Sump Pump (Electric)

Air Compressor

Framing Nailer

Finishing Nailer

Compound Mitre Saw



Wood Splitter


Weed Eater



What do you think?

Suggestions or Input?

- a few lifts of 3x7x5' or 3x5x5' scafolding?

- a Hilti, or hilti like, drill. This one would get use for sure.

- 2-plane, or 3-plane laser layout tool?


Wood chipper 

We rented a gas weed eater recently. Would have been happy to rent in town from you. 

Cement mixer for sure!

de-thatcher for lawns

I currently have a Stihl weed trimmer available for rent.

I second the heavy-duty weed trimmer. I have one that is good enough for light stuff but there are  times when I need one that handle small bushes, etc. 

Also a wood chipper. 

My experience is that rental wood chippers get totally f#!&ered. People tend to treat them like garberators. Put all sorts of things in them that is not wood. Is why I do not rent mine. They need to have sharp knives or they are useless and dangerous. Lots of maintenance required. Big chippers are not rented unless to professional crews. Massive liability. But Hey Trent does a great job sharpening my knives! I have a few more sets for you soon! And should you decide to buy one for rental, I have 2 (1 is parts) that I am hoping to replace with a much bigger rig next season...

PS the little chippers you get for $12-1400.00 from can tire are great for small twigs but are pretty useless crap for anything resembling an actual tree...

PEX crimping tools

Thanks Colin, valuable information.  I was going to ask you...

Ladders, especially tall extension ladders

Wet tile saw

Power broom for removing sand and gravel from the lawn after the snow melts.

Long pruning tools

awesome idea...hope you consider renatls in Rossland!

Tall extension ladders (although if one doesn't have one they may not also have ability to transport them either).  I also second the hilti-drill, long pruning tools, table saw, compound mitre, wet tile saw, and cement mixer.   Finally, also add costume know the kind.  ;-)

Presure washer.