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Best winter tire brand recommendations

Any recommendations for the best winter tire brand for Rossland winters?

Thanks in advance!

Nokian because thats what even the cops choose.

Bridgestone Blizzaks.These are the industry standard. Not cheap but far and away have been the best snow tires for a 15 years. Google it. 

I put studded Firestone - Winterforce tires on my front wheel drive car - they are hands down, the best winter tire I've owned.  This will be the 4th season for these tires (which is mostly a locally driven car - admittedly not a lot of long distance trips) and they are still in excellent condition with tons of tread.

Bridgestone Blizzaks are THE BEST WINTER TIRE on the market.  But $$$$ 

The tread on them is very mushy and soft, which is what you want.  The sipes run deep into the tread blocks, a good thing, it allows the tread blocks to flex greatly under stress.     Lots of other tires 'look' like the sipes run deep, but they do not, and the tread blocks are firm, not good. 

Nokians are good for icy conditions, not as good for snow. 

Winterforce tires are OK, but not great at any aspect of winter driving,  still better than any all season tire.  The tread blocks are way to firm and the sipes are not deep. 

Toyo Observe with the walnut shells embedded into the tread are my second choice for winter tires.  They come very close to the Blizzaks. 

Micheline X-Ice would be my 3rd choice.   Really good in slushy/icey  conditions,  could be better in deep snow. 

My personal rule, the softer the tread blocks, the better.  The faster the tire wears out, the better that tire is for winter traction.  Traction is the #1 aim here, longevity of a winter tire should be last on the list.   A similar mindset to a full summer racing tire should be taken.  You want grip, or longevity?  You can't have both,  I prefer grip.

If you are at the tire shop, and they have winter tires on display,  take your thumb and start mushing the tread blocks of the tires.   Get the ones that are softest and have the deepest siping.   Stay away from motomaster or whatever the canadian tire house brand is, they suck.   




Toyo Observe is another good studless tire, in my experience... but I'd take zorzie's advice... seems well informed on the subject.

I agree with the blizzaks, however a close second are the nokian hakkapelita r2. not as good in deep snow however they handle better.  I found the toyo's are only really good for one season if you are going up and down the hill.

I don't have much experience with the x-ice.



All of this changes depending on what vehicle you drive.  different for a truck or big suv vs a smaller car

I agree with the Blizzaks. Hook them onto a Subaru, and it's like a slot car on rails. :)


I have Yokohama Ice Guards on my AWD SUV and I love them.

I have different take on it. Soft rubber is great if ice is common (think Ontario) but fortunately here it is not. We deal more with slush, packed snow, and deep snow. I use an old fashioned big lug tire that has traction in the above mentioned, with studs for ice. These are available in a 10 ply rating as well for bigger loads with pick up trucks.
I also run the narrowest tire available to cut through the slush and snow.

I have for sale a set of Blizzaks 235/65R18  used one winter, $650, these tires are super dependable.

What an interesting chat! I've used the Blizzaks for many years and been very happy with them, the reviews are always great and they do work very well. Just got a 2nd pair too, after many years i just needed new ones! Those Toyo Observes are ok as a summer tire, I have them also, but they are not for winter up here in Rossland anyway. And I think they are not sold everywhere either, just Les Schwab in the US, so if a tire goes bad you are sol except for Les Schwab.   Just my own thoughts and experience.   Good luck in whatever you choose.

Winter tires are made of soft rubber so they stay pliable in freezing temps. The soft rubber is meant to grip imperfections in the packed snow or ice. So the soft compound is not just about ice. 



they are available anywhere that sells toyo tires.  canada or america.   they would be very soft for summer and give you terrible feel.  perhaps you had a different model?   I have them on my van and are great.   

Ha this like a what is the best oil to use thread. but what the heck I'll play. Black Lion, available at ok tire.

Inexpensive and great traction in the snow.

Thank you, everyone :)

Zorzie, woops i stand corrected- I have the Eclipse :

Bot em in the USA, only sold at Les Schwant, so nice to know i could get them elsewhere. Thx lots for the info!

WinterForce 2’s on my Subaru Crosstrek last year were Excellent.Worked well in Wet Coast-Squamish and just as well Up here in Dry Snow.Highly recomend.