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Be careful, city hasn't treated roads

Be careful today on the roads in Rossland, the city has yet to treat Washington and many other roads.... I noticed they did out side the works depot though!

I was just on Washington between 1st and 2nd and saw a car driving on the side walk, skid marks all over the road, and 2 cars pulled over that couldn't make there way down safely (or maybe they were in an accident, i'm not sure).


 there isn't even a lot of snow yet

rossidog!! Maybe before posting get your facts straight.. Washington Street from Columbia to McLeod was plowed and sanded twice before 10:30am. And to say something about outside the works yard was done!!! Is not only ignorant but also just wrong!! The city sand trucks were out starting at 9:00 and were out beyond 5:00. 


Darrin Albo

I better get to the opticians quickly! I obviously didn't see the Shaw Communications truck sliding at the top of Washington and didn't see the guy in a car slide across the road towards Red Top.... I went down Wahington at 10.20am 

no one is ctritizing the city sand truck guys, they do a great job when they are out!

So Darrin I did get my facts correct... Your very sensitive

Ya you better!! When the headline of your post is city hasn’t treated roads is incorrect. What you don’t think we seen the Shaw trucks stuck as well? There are 54km of roads to plow and sand. Do the math we can’t be on every road every hour. Then to just make the Comment that the city yard is done. Is just friggin wrong as where do you think the plows come from?  Sensitive NO common sense yes. When I have suggestions to any business or operation I don’t make unfounded remarks on social media I actually try and make my positive comments directly to the business or corporation. Imagine a two wheel drive truck stuck on a 15% grade in first snowfall of the year. Omg.

Is that really the how a manager of the city should respond? " Ya you Better" ?

Oh dear, i guess i should be quiet and just toe the line! 

WOW Rossidog.. first snowfall of the year and already complaining? Why so entitled? Maybe you should take over the public works job, sounds like you know how it should all be ran.

City, thank you for working long, hard hours to keep our citizens safe. 

Also, for anyone else wanting to complain.. why don’t you contact The City directly instead of uselessly blasting it onto bhubble?

Ya I guess we public servants (managers) and employees should just sit back and let citizens make unfounded comments and just let social media run with it. I would be more than happy to show you our gps sytem that would show you where and when they were.And yes I guess sticking up for the city and our great employees when warranted is wrong?then I’m a horrible manager. You are the one that said you (guess you should go to the opticians) I just agreed. It’s funny I searched your username and found you have made negative comments before, and i even gave you the opportunity to provide your address or contact me. But you choose to just use social media as your way of communication. I have made my point I have given you the facts, I told you to contact me if you do choose. Now I am done with this. 

Just to add to the discussion. Which isn't a very effective method of having a 'discussion'.
Frankly speaking, Yes, I think presenting facts is the way the works manager or anyone should respond. Forget the politically correct theatre stuff. That's used to distract away from the facts.
The high priority roads in Rossland are kept in amazing conditions during the winter.  Kudos for even having the equipment and operators ready, considering the effects of austerity.
The complaints come out on various platforms during the first snowfall each year. Often from the same group. Drivers in every city haven't adjusted or want to adjust to driving in early winter conditions regardless of how much plowing and sanding is done.
A different group will provide notice about that the sand on the roads after the first snow melts.
We live in generation nonsense, it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time.

I could have cut and pasted a similiar exchange from previous winters.

The city did a good job in very difficult conditions. Think!!!!! The air temp was -4 but the ground temp was about 0 . Perfect for the snow to fall , melt as it hit the ground and be quickly frozen by the cold air. Studded snows will only help a bit but the extra cost for studded vs regular snows is only $28 at tireland in Trail is well worth it. How much to fix a crash?  Within minutes  after the plow/sander goes by we have more ice developing. Remember AWD is great to get you going but it does not help you stop quickly.

Slow down!!!!! Think those kids you have to miss may be yours!!!!!!

Take a look at who the speed demons are.... It's those who need to be at work but don't leave any time after dropping off the little ones! See it so often out side the school areas

Keeping roads clear is a tough job. A friend at MOT told me once that highway sanding is mostly gone after only 10 vehicles have driven on a freshly sanded road. 54km of roads to maintain is a lot when it is snowing. Frankly,I am always pretty amazed with how well our crew does. Cheers- don't let the bhubble bitchers get you down!

I've always thought the city does a great job at keeping the roads clear. Just wish more people would maybe take an extra 5 minutes and go around the highway instead of just using Washington as a quick route. :)

Thanks for these positive comments and some constructive suggestions for winter driving. Everyone needs to adjust to the new season and be sensible- both in how they drive and what their expectations of service from the City reasonably should be. We have a small public works department and limited equipment. Our City crew do an amazing job- not only do we have 54km of roads to keep clear, our terrain is very, very challenging. I would love to see a year where citizens focus on showing appreciation for the hard work that is done, offer constructive suggestions without resorting unpleasantness, and generally chill out a bit (ie slow down both on the road and on bhubble!)  Remember, all drivers have a tremendous responsibility behind the wheel. As with so much in life, its often easier to blame someone else than it is to take responsibility for one's own actions. I know, I know, its a tiny % of our good natured town that takes to the "social media air waves" to rant about things, but its still too many. It can be disheartening to staff (and to your elected officials for that matter). They are putting forth their best efforts with what they have to work with- in terms of personnel, equipment, time and budget. Perspective is needed and greatly appreciated. Just put yourself in their shoes for a moment and consider the challenges of making everyone in this town happy all the time....yeah, I know, not remotely possible...but we at the City of Rossland try our best. :)

1st snow fall of the year! We should be celebrating, not beating down the hard city workers. Quit your complaining and move to a flat city. 

I am grateful to live in this town and am pretty sure the rest of you are too. Thank you to our hard working city crew for doing your best with our special mountain town and the roads they entail! 

The roads are in great condition considering the ground was frozen before it snowed blower pow. Good job city works dept! Not an easy job. In my experience the roads are kept in much better condition here than in other mountain, and particularly nearby low lying, towns.

Rossidog please channel your negativity elsewhere. Maybe you need to go out for a nice walk and soak up some of the natural beauty that surrounds you. Your original post was both wrong and rude.

#1.   Know how to drive in winter.

#2.   Have proper tires.  Did the people sliding around have PROPER tires?   Maybe winters,  but how worn were they?   

#3.  Know the safer routes in/out/around your area.   Sometimes a further drive is required to access the safest route.

#4.  Don't blame the city or anyone else for not following 1, 2, & 3.   It's their own fault they were sliding around in winter, shocking i know.   The shaw guy should contact shaw to get proper tires, Rossidog should contact god and blame him/her for the weather, and at the same time pack their bags and move to Arizona. 


Darrin Albo For president . 

Yeah, kick the bum off of/outta Washington!  :p



Make Rossland Great Again”


Honestly Shocking to read some of the comments about snow removal when you live in a ski town.

Just because your taxes are slightly higher because you chose to live in a town with no industry to help with the tax base doesn’t mean you get to rant and rave and make rude comments and opinions about the very people that are bending over backwards to keep our roads safe. The Sense of entitlement never ceases to amaze me in a town that has literally had snow every winter for thousands of years, If you don’t like the snow, can’t deal with it, don’t know how to drive, think the city does a crappy job, then below I have some advice for you.

if you don’t like the snow removal up here, there are two roads out.