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Recommendation Needed - Family Doctors in Rossland

Hello. New to Rossalnd and looking for a family doctor for myself, wife, and daugthers. My preference would be to find a D.O. opposed to an M.D., but open to all recommendations. Do you have a doctor you can recommend and why?


Go to Trail.


@Robinson - Can you provide more detail?

No sorry Just newcomer myself and have heard one doctors mom spreads gossip about patients and that was enough for me to not share my PTSD related needs with any local Doctor. I’d personally travel back to Squamish to see my GP  if I needed anything. parently one f local docs is very judgemental with certain issues can’t imagine what he’d say about myself and my PTSD condition. PS welcome to Rossland! 

so you’re a newcomer... to Red Resort...spreading gossip yourself about local doctors?

Yet, you can broadcast your PTSD here, on Bhubble, but are afraid to share it with a doctor??

Maybe Rossland isnt the right choice for you then, especially with all these coyotes and icy roads...oh and no sidewalks.

There is a very welcoming walk in clinic in Nelson, open every day, late and even Saturdays and Sundays! 

It is located inside the mall, and has a pharmacy store in front, open 7 days a week as well.

Fake news

I've heard really good things about several doctors in town. My own, Dr. Andrea Jenkins, is great. Several of my family members to to Dr. Jonas Sandstrom and rave about him. I think what may be more of a challenge is finding one that is taking new patients? I know a few years ago it was challenging but maybe that's changed now. This website may help you.

Oh, I didn't include the "why" part. I find Dr. Jenkins is VERY easy to talk to, responsive, sympathetic at the same time as being pragmatic. I've been seeing her for years. She's ready to recommend specialists readily and is open to my suggestions. She's okay with recommending medication but in no way pushes it first and only. She's also nearly on time for appointments, which I haven't found elsewhere (but I also make sure to inform the receptionist if I need a shorter or longer appointment). 

Dr. Sandstrom took care of my elderly mother and he was GREAT with her; very patient, very kind. I know my other family members see him and like him though we haven't discussed specifics. 

In other doctor's absences, etc. I have also seen Dr. Pursell and Dr. Peacock and liked them but I didn't see them long enough to give you any specifics on them either.

Hope you find a good fit for you and your family.

 So...why on earth  the walk in clinic should be fake news? What are you, Trump? If you don’t like someone’s  opinion it is automatically fake news? 

I went there a few times and  had a very nice older doctor from the Valley that was expert and professional. they are available every day, including weekends and not just from 10 until until 2 or 3pm like my old doctor in Rossland ( which by the way was dr Jenkins, which is great but i found it really hard to combine my schedule with hers: I work full time and an appointment in The middle of the day did not cut it for me. And if she wasn’t present you could not see another doctor of the surgery which was annoying when she was away for 2 weeks, they don’t get locus there)

 There is also a very nice doctor in the surgery near the liquor store where my mum goes ( dr Sandstrom) but they hardly accept any new patients anywhere in Rossland. Wherever you get accepted, you have to take it, you don’t get to choose really.

I was so frustrated about finding a doctor with a decent schedule...for me the walk in clinic works best!  I wish there was one in Rossland too.

I was referring to Robinson Robinson’s comment. 

Spreading gossip? Really? I’m the one walking arounfd the reservoir discriminating and hating on others?

I would reccommend to put your name on a wait list for a Doctor at the Monashee clinic and medical associates clinic in Rossland.  You never know one might even be taking new patients.  

I know that there are a few newer physicians located in Trail that might take on a new patient.  

As stated above Dr. Jenkins is a wonderful Doctor, so try her first.