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Aggressive coyote in ski hill parking lot

We were just aggressively charged by a coyote in the skil hill parking lot, it had particular interest in our medium sized dog and had no fear of humans.  Apparantely there is a pack and they have been a problem for awhile. Be careful if you are there at night and if you have a dog.


Thank u bec.   Our dog was face to face with this coyote.   Not afraid of me or my big dog

Had same exsper right and n the Hill near the Workyard. City doesn’t seem concerned? can u imagine how fast it’d be looked into if it was happening in Town? Our kids obviously don’t matter? No sidewalks,inadequate lighting and documented Coyote attack yet We carry on with this Us and Them rhetoric! So progressive....

Had same experience twice already on the Hill near the Workyard. City doesn’t seem concerned with anything more than collecting taxes from Red Residents?can u imagine how fast it’d be looked into if it was happening in Town? Our kids obviously don’t matter? No sidewalks,inadequate lighting, treacherous unsanded streetsand documented Coyote attacks yet We carry on with this Us Vs Them rhetoric instead of embracing progress and unity with common issues that effect Everyone including Children.

Thank you Bec for your info on the coyote. We ran into a little guy in the Rock Cut parking lot that was not afraid at all and I am sure he had his friends close by. 

Robinson Robinson we have coyotes in town too. This is not a Us vs Them issue this is a we live in the mountains issue. Just an FYI we also have bears, cougars, moose and the odd aggressive redneck to be wary of. If you want sidewalks, great street lighting and continually sanded streets you are in the wrong part of the province. We live in the mountains, we need to be aware of the wildness and get out of their way not the other way around. This is not the City's issue call the conservation officer about aggressive wildlife in your neighborhood if you feel it is necessary.  

It is coyote mating season at the moment.  They can be more aggressive at this time from what I have read.  I live at Red mtn and I am nervous of the coyotes so I wear a head lamp when it is dark and I leash my two dogs and I have not had any issues.  Perhaps I have been lucky.  However if you live in town you also have to worry about coyotes as I have come across them in lower Rossland.  Its the risk you take of living in the mountains I guess!  You can't blame the city for that.  Unless you just like pointing figers.

If you have lived in Rossland long enough, you might agree the city does a good job with our snow removal and sanding. 

Thanks to the city my road is usually pretty well sanded and plowed before I head to work at the early hours of the morning.  The snow removal for the city is a huge job and as far as I can see they do a good job. Ha if you want all those sidewalks they might have to cut back on the plowing of the snow and the sanding. Its a big job and you just can't expect it to be perfect.  

Lastly if you believe you need more street lights maybe the city can help you out if you ask them.


human-wildlife conflicts should be reported to the bc conservation service. not the city of rossland.

report human-wildlife conflicts 



or #7277 on the telus mobility network 


non-emergencies can be reported online


He is acting like a puppy, and apparently hangs around peoples' hot tubs as well.  Makes me wonder if all his prey is hiding with this cold weather....

I saw it sneaking through the parking lot carrying a huge anvil and giant slingshot. 

@Robinson Robinson

Every post that I have read of yours indicates that you're deeply dissatisfied with Rossland. I mean this respectfully: why do you live here? It seems counterintuitive to live in a place that causes you such irritation.