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Is there still snow on Old Glory?

Hoping to hike Old Glory today and was wondering if anyone has been up there lately? Is there any snow left on the trail? Thanks! 

Did a lepsoe out and back yesterday.. didnt run into any snow. You may find snow on the north sides or the shade but it only makes it a more fun hike..



I ran 7 summits on Wednesday.  Quite a bit of snow from just before the top of Elgood (started at the 2 switchbacks on the final climb to Elgood summit) continuing with more snow covered than not until past Plewman.  Was clear from the topo of the Plewman trail (where it joins the ridge) onwards. 


Hiking Old Glory would be pretty much snow free if you hiked up either the Old Glory Trail and Unnecessary Ridge, or, hiked up Plewman trail to the ridge and then on up the regular Old Glory trail to the summit.  Hiking via the 7 summits would be fine too if you are okay with route finding.  The trail is under snow for longish sections, so it helps to know where it goes so you can pick up the sections that are clear. 


It’s been a hot few days though, so it could have changed a fair bit since I was there….