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Does anyone still have Hummingbirds at their feeders, or did they leave last Wed.

Our all left last Wed.

Any one seen a hummingbird this week?

Had one today. 

Female hummingbirds are around until the middle of August but males take off at the end of July. Some of the birds I've seen in my yard are quite small and are probably the offspring that the females teach to find other sources of food( our feeders). Leave your feeders up though because the birds from northern areas are migrating thru and need the feeders for extra energy.


Thanks. We will hang in there, but it is boring to no have our little friends outside our window.


We also had a female on our deck today checking out the hanging baskets.


Ours have disappeared, which is typical for mid-August.  We take the feeders down on the 15th so they're not relying on them when it's time to carry on....

@ Sasha....actually, they do't rely on the feeders; it's a fallacy that having the feeders up will keep them around. The only thing that keeps them around is the amount of light and temperature....we are not that powerful.