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Huge thanks to our local utility providers in the aftermath of our micro wind storm.

Buy these guys a beer or coffee or give them a huge thanks. Fortis gas, fortis electric, telus, and shaw line crews busy all night & all day today to restore power (4am) tel & internet conections in my neighbourhood after a few of my big trees wiped out the lines in yesterday's wind storm. These people work very hard for our creature comforts. Thanks for your efforts! 

Also... forgot to mention our first responders from our fire department. Awsome. Thank you all. Buy these people a beer, and give a high five. 

And the good neighbours who came out to help me today, and offered support. Awesome is as awsome does. 

Well said! A huge thank you!!!!!

Absolutely! A great big Thank You for all your hardwork and long very much appreciated.

Yes, a big thank you! Was really cool too just to see all the stars/shooting stars in the night sky with no artificial lights. Makes you think how much we take for granted.