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It's Happening Folks!

A Civil Rights Group in America has uncovered that the Gov't is creating a Country-wide Face Surveillance System, and they are going to Federal Court to prove it. I'm sure the USGov will find themselves in the wrong.

I hope everyone finds peace with their future decendants that they are responsible for leaving on this Planet to suffer under a Mass-surveillance state. And that their future decendants recognize their suffering is due to the Developped Countries of the 2000's deciding to be completely ignorant and focus on the pressing issues of the times such as the morality of Penis Amputation.


Here is a perfect example of how brainwashed you might be, does this sound like you?

October 30th: Shreiking about Plastic Bags.

October 31st: Participates in Trick or Treating virtually nullifying any trash reduction measures made over the year by the Brainwashee

Nov. 1st: Shreiking about Plastic Bags.


I honestly wouldn't care about the ignorance of everyone if it didn't affect billions of future humans. And the ignorance runs so deep. There is such an unfathomable amount of suffering in this world and the fact we are focusing on non-issues is so frustrating and depressing. For example, despite what the "media" has you think, your plastic bags and bottles don't affect the undevelopped countries of the world. If anyone took a moment to think for themselves, they would understand that undevelopped countries dont have developped waste management programs. It should take about 10 seconds of googling to find literal rivers of plastic soda bottles in these countries (by the way rivers go towards the ocean). So if you are concentrated on issues that are so small compared to solving the suffering and injustice on this planet then I simply will never associate with you. From my perspective, you seemingly think that banning plastic bags and cancelling bigotry are more pressing issues than ending the unfathomable suffering in this world.


So as you sit there mulling over the different ways to amputate a penis and also the best ways to solve problems that simply dont exist, know that I, and thousands of other evil people, are profiting from your blatant inaction to save the future of humanity. We also know what's coming (assuming plastic bags stay top priority) and are preparing for our future decendants. You are being directly told whats coming so do with it what you will. Maybe tell your friends you want to save the souls of your future decendants and of the children suffering in this world, rather than focus on trying to solve relatively insignificant issues.

And I'll close again with what we should be doing on the political front: First we must bring everyone in Canada to a certain standard of living (specifically Northern Reserves), then we must discover how exactly to ensure that Standard of Living can be sustained for everyone, then we must draft an exact step by step procedure defining how to build the perfect country, then provide that plan to undevelopped countries in a way that bypasses corruption. We could then profit from the massive 15000% growth each country we provide the plans to would experience. If we brought five Countries from undevelopped to developped and implemented the proper profiting measures, we would be the richest nation on the planet for the next 20,000 years.

And if nothing else, we should be concentrating on educating children because their parents who didn't read this are far gone.


So please, all I ask is that you stop being so close minded to the world around you.



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You make some very valid points for people to educate themselves. I am also trying to provide awareness to others on many issues in a various subtle forms. However, I don't see much evidence that the messages are reaching many people.

RE 5G, A quote from Claire Edwards in a recent interview, ...I remain extremely optimistic because I don't even like to talk about 5G because it's not just mad, it's completely off the scale mad. And as soon as you start talking about 5G in rational terms, you are normalizing it. There is nothing normal about 5G, it should not be happening, and as we know, it's all based on a lie anyway.

Who is Claire Edwards? She was a staff member at the United Nations as editor and trainer in intercultural writing, from 1999 to 2017. She is no longer with the UN after this presentation.

The exponential growth of this surveillance technology is strongly supported at numerous government levels, both elected and not elected roles. How they are coerced or motivated also widely varies. We have reached an opportunity stage to increase public awareness. How will you know when you've lost your rights, if you don't even know what your rights are now.

I highly recommend listening to the presentations from 5G Awareness Summit in Aug. Here is a link to order the presentations, over 40 hours worth. The presenters are scientists, doctors, lawyers, authors, activists, spiritual, parents, etc. I supported the summit and have nearly finished listening to the presentations. The diversity of knowledge and wisdom is truly amazing.

A good one for parents to listen to is from Cece Doucette. She's a parent who originally supported and raised funding for the 21st century wireless schools. She is now is very motivated to educate parents and children about the safety components only after knowing the safety facts.


Some recommended listening. Just a bit off topic, but still informative.

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And another one to follow up on Halloween

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Ya I think us, the ones who have our own original thoughts, should stop trying to help anyone and just profit off it and set our descendants up in a way that circumvents the inbound insanity. No use in trying to speak facts to people who's thoughts and beliefs are whatever the latest narcissist said on TV.

Thanks for all the information though. Nice to at least have some activity on a post warning the masses of incoming terror.

its simply not worth getting so depressed about. The ignorant majority are the problem and their the ones who will suffer. Problem solved.

thjy're* my god.

It's just unfortunate that so many innocent people who weren't here to be ignorant or not will suffer through the dystopian hell.